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 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the housing market, as available homes for sale have dropped within the last year, while net profits from flipping properties have risen sharply. This has made it even harder for first-time homebuyers, investors, and property flippers to find homes that meet their criteria in terms of identifiable investment value without spending countless hours doing in-depth research on their own. This ongoing problem led real estate investor and agency founder Michael Garite to create ZoomProp, a new platform that significantly reduces time spent searching for affordable, investment-worthy housing by filtering through traditional sites and featuring only homes that meet high investment opportunity criteria — all in a matter of seconds.

With ZoomProp, both new and experienced homebuyers can increase their opportunities for landing lucrative property investment deals while saving an innumerable amount of time. The ZoomProp platform addresses the most challenging part of the home-buying process: identifying properties with high investment value — an aspect that has long been complicated by the competitiveness of the industry. In a recent story about home-flipping, CNBC's Diana Olick wrote, "It is a lot harder to find an inexpensive home to buy and flip in today's ultra-competitive housing market, but those who can will make a hefty profit."

While there are several different property-searching sites that can find and display homes for sale in any city, they lack the ability to pinpoint homes with high investment values. Such research is typically left to the prospective buyer on their own, an intensive process that can still be somewhat inconclusive. ZoomProp relieves this burden by instantly searching through thousands of real estate listings, comparing properties in hot markets, and featuring only those that meet strict investment opportunity criteria. The platform eliminates the guesswork aspect and presents the most meaningful investment opportunities in the selected markets based on the most relevant and pertinent data available. 

ZoomProp effectively empowers buyers by providing precise data typically reserved for large companies with endless resources. "I originally created ZoomProp for my own real estate business to have a competitive advantage in the market," said Garite, who spent nearly a decade in Silicon Valley designing and engineering for companies like Pandora, eBay, and MLB. "As I talked to more people, I realized that a product like this would be great for individual investors to have the same competitive advantage as larger businesses — whether they're a first-time home buyer looking for a good investment long term, cash buyers wanting to compete by finding good deals before others, or investment companies," he continued. "ZoomProp makes both the property investment decision and the purchasing process simpler, more accessible and much faster." 

ZoomProp offers three separate monthly plans, ranging from local search results to national. New users can try out the platform free for the first 30 days. Learn more by visiting Zoomprop.com

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