Zone School of Healing's Guru Dr. Pete Goldman Offers Transformational Seminars

SF-based Chiropractor teaches live events based on the teachings of his Zone School of Healing

Dr Pete Goldman

Within various healing circles, San Francisco-based chiropractic guru Dr. Pete Goldman is known as a man who can make miracles happen.

Said by patients and practitioners to have "a wonderful gift" and be "one of God's doctors," Goldman has become the go-to healer for people around the world. The underlying trust attached to his reputation precedes him, from the average person to professional athletes.

For more than 25 years, Goldman has used a holistic method called the Zone Technique to transform lives. However, four years ago he realized that his healing knowledge that produces unparalleled results for patients coming to see him from various cities and countries should be taught to other doctors and healers, and Zone School of Healing was born.

This year, Dr. Pete Goldman is bringing the Zone Technique to even more doctors and healers by offering live, hands-on seminars. "I opened the Zone School of Healing so that healers all over the world can learn what I know and help even more people," Goldman said.

Zone School member Dr. Gregg Coker said he's seen "amazing miracles" incorporating the Zone Technique into his practice. "Pete passes on the mantle of healing to all of us … we're learning at exponential rates about how the body is a direct reflection of our subconscious," Coker said.

Tapping into what some of the great healers throughout history discovered, Goldman teaches his peers about the connection between mind and matter. "If you look at the spectacular healers in history, they knew how to plug in at the highest level to get these 'so-called' miracles … but actually the normal state of the body is health," Goldman said.

The Zone Technique is based on many of Goldman's influences and experiences, with a major one being the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet who created Zone Therapy in 1931. After learning Zone Therapy in 1993 and refining it, he developed the Zone Technique with the idea of physical, mental and Spiritual health for all who want it.

From gynecological issues to gallbladder attacks and sports-related injuries, patients come to Goldman for healing, and one by one, the Zone Technique is changing people's lives, optimizing their quality of life.

"I don't treat conditions or symptoms, I don't diagnose or cure," Goldman said. "Once the body is balanced with Zone Technique it can really heal itself."

Zone School live events occur at least once and sometimes twice a month. They are open to Zone School members and nonmembers alike, as long as one is a doctor or healer. The live events include teachings on Zone Technique, how to access the subconscious mind, the three planes of healing, and a lot more.

Chiropractors and other doctors and healers can join Zone School and/or sign up for live events at or call 415-713-8030

Source: Zone School of Healing