Zoma Sleep's Cyber Monday Sale 2023: Transformative Sleep Deals for Peak Performance

Zoma Sleep is on a mission to provide sleep and performance enhancing solutions for active individuals. In fact, it’s a favorite among pro athletes and this year, Zoma’s Cyber Monday mattress sales are available so everyone can also sleep like a champion. 

Zoma’s 2023 Cyber Monday deals include:

  • $150 off on mattresses
  • 20% off on pillows
  • 30% off on adjustable beds
  • Up to 50% off their newest adjustable bed bundle

To reach peak performance, professional athletes turn to Zoma on-season and off-seaon. Baseball player Bradley Gonzales explains, "My recovery score has been through the roof! It's been crucial to recover at night, and I'm very fortunate to have this Zoma mattress." Another baseball pro, Jahmai Jones, sleeps on the Zoma Hybrid and confirms, "I wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to perform my best." 

Former collegiate athlete Justin Floyd relieved his lower back pain with his very own Zoma Hybrid. He shares, "I went with a hybrid mattress from Zoma because of its adaptive and responsive properties."

Zoma's Cyber Monday mattress sale gives shoppers an opportunity to revamp the way they sleep at an affordable price. 

Source: Zoma Sleep

About Zoma Sleep

Zoma is a performance-enhancing sleep brand designed for athletes and individuals with demanding lifestyles.

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