Zipline Careers Celebrates First 18 Months of Successes

Taking the Hassles Out of Job Hunting

Zipline Careers

At Zipline Careers, creating valuable personal brands is the impetus behind the company's formation and progress. By having a daily focus on connecting the best talent with the most innovative companies, the team can create value in a competitive job market. By using creative and technical efforts to get everyone their dream job, Zipline Careers is changing the face of job applications, hiring and what it means to be a part of today's workforce.

That’s why, today, Zipline Careers is announcing its first 18 months of successful operations. From the very beginning, Zipline Careers has been able to help job-seekers reach their full potential. At the core, the Zipline Careers team's focal strategy is to tell applicants’ stories with branding experts, keyword research for Applicant Tracking Systems and personalized assistance.

“It’s exciting to see how a number of our services have taken a giant weight off of applicants in their job search,” says Nicole Zinnanti a Design Lead and Partner at Zipline Careers.

In this short period, the company has doubled down on its original founding strengths. First, the team has worked to cultivate applicants’ unique stories that help maximize diversity in an ever-changing workplace culture. Second, in an era where employers will require staff at every organizational level to be more technologically literate, the team has been able to productively advise applicants on where best to target their job searches.

To see more about the way the team's products have grown to help applicants achieve more, see an overview of their unique services.

About Zipline Careers:

Reaching your professional goals begins with an opportunity. Zipline Careers ( provides that opportunity by giving applicants a personal brand that sells. Specializing in creating resumes that can pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with unique keywords and formatting, the team also offers personalized creative cover letters, social profile management, and customized communication packages for job applicants.

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Zipline Careers helps applicants find their dream job with keyword-researched resumes, cover letters and more. Our career experts help applicants navigate complex applicant tracking systems to get more job interviews and offers.

Nicole Zinnanti
Design Lead & Principle , Zipline Careers