Zinklar Expands Global Presence, Appoints Ben Boix as Managing Director

Zinklar Elevates Market Presence in North America with Ben Boix as Managing Director, Reinforcing Commitment to Consumer-Centric Insights

Ben Boix

Zinklar, the pioneering consumer insights platform headquartered in Spain, today announces the expansion of its North American team with the appointment of Ben Boix as Managing Director. This strategic move reflects Zinklar's commitment to empowering businesses across the world with actionable data through customer-centric insights. 

Boix brings over 15 years of extensive experience in market research, strategic analysis, and leadership. Combined with his MBA from Berkeley-Haas School of Business, this positions him perfectly to lead this exciting expansion for Zinklar.

"With the U.S. market representing a significant opportunity for growth, I am excited to lead Zinklar's efforts in this region," added Boix. "Our goal is to democratize access to consumer insights, enabling companies of all sizes to prioritize their customers and place them at the core of their business."

"Zinklar's expansion of our U.S. team is a significant step in our mission to democratize consumer insights globally. With Ben Boix as Managing Director, we're poised to empower businesses with actionable data, driving consumer-centricity and strategic growth," said Jordi Ferrer, CEO of Zinklar.

Zinklar understands the important role of market research in helping companies meet consumer demand, encouraging the development of new products, and crafting campaigns that resonate with evolving consumer preferences. With up to 40% of Zinklar's clients already getting consumer insights through the platform, businesses are ensuring that every decision-making is guided by a consumer-centric approach. 

"As businesses navigate an increasingly complex market landscape, Zinklar aims to be their trusted partner, offering tailored solutions to address their evolving needs," adds Boix. 

By integrating artificial intelligence and emotion AI, Zinklar offers deep, thorough consumer insights. These insights will empower businesses with the clarity to devise compelling market strategies and operational tactics, ensuring companies to remain ahead in a competitive landscape.

With Zinklar's expansion into the U.S. market, businesses can expect a new era of informed-making and strategic growth. Welcome to the future of consumer insights with Zinklar.

For more information about Zinklar, visit www.zinklar.com.

About Zinklar:

Zinklar is a leading insights provider dedicated to empowering companies to make informed decisions by closely engaging with their customers. Through its cutting-edge platform, Zinklar enables businesses to access actionable consumer insights, driving market agility, and securing a competitive advantage. With a mission to revolutionize decision-making processes, Zinklar fosters a collaborative environment between companies and customers, ultimately transforming organizations into consumer-centric entities.


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Zinklar provides actionable consumer insights, fostering market agility and transforming businesses into customer-centric entities.