Zinc Agency Acquires Top Shelf Productions to Expand Breadth of Services Within Corporate Consulting, Partnerships, Golf and Music

Zinc Agency is pleased to announce the acquisition of Top Shelf Productions LLC.

Zinc Agency is pleased to announce the acquisition of Top Shelf Productions LLC. This acquisition will continue to build on Zinc's commitment as a leader in the client entertainment space. Zinc's already extensive catalog of one-of-a-kind offerings will now see a boost with Top Shelf Productions LLC bringing an added emphasis on corporate consulting and partnerships, as well as unique events and experiences focusing on golf and music.  

Top Shelf Productions LLC was launched in July 2019 by Gary Rosenberg, and since then the company has provided consulting services to a variety of clients including ClubCorp, Wheels Up and Clippd. In addition to creating specific programs with these clients, Rosenberg produced customized premium experiences and hospitality programs for numerous corporate clients. These experiences included private music performances, celebrity chef events, speaker engagements, high-end private golf experiences and full-service hospitality programs. Rosenberg executed an expanded Master Service Agreement with Maritz Global Events in 2021 and partnered with Zinc Agency to handle fulfillment on all related programs.

"We are committed to the continued growth of Zinc in strategic areas that ultimately bring more value to our clients," said Will Steinberg, Co-President of Zinc Agency. "The balance is making sure you are growing with the right people that share that same vision. That is why we couldn't be more excited to have Gary and everything that Top Shelf brings, to now be a part of the Zinc team." 

Rosenberg has a successful track record as a business leader and entrepreneur with more than 26 years of sales, marketing and management experience in the sports and entertainment industry. Prior to forming Top Shelf Productions, he spent 2 ½ years at CAA Sports and EBG working on both the golf advisory and premium experience side of the business. In 2004, he co-founded TOUR GCX Partners and created a vibrant new marketplace for the buying and selling of private golf access. Prior to TOUR GCX, Rosenberg was the Senior Vice President at Great Golf Resorts of the World Inc., a golf media company with assets that included the official licensed publishing arm of the PGA of America.

About Zinc Agency - Zinc is an agency focused on curating creative, one-of-a-kind experiences that leverage the power of talent in sports, music, fashion, the culinary world, theater, and any of life's other passions. Zinc's approach is to always deliver a truly memorable experience that allows our clients to build and strengthen relationships with their customers. Zinc works hard to conceptualize unique themes, whether attached to a specific personality or aligned with a major event. From there, Zinc ensures all the details are flawlessly executed with a turnkey approach to event management, both in-person and virtually. For more information, go to www.zincagency.com.

Source: Zinc Agency