Ziggurat Technologies' Zivolve™ is Now Available for Android Users on the Google Play Store, Revolutionizing Mobile Investing Beyond the Apple iOS App

2020 launched artificial intelligence powered investing app developed by Ziggurat Technologies, rises to the ranks and levels up in 2021 with its newly released Android-version

Ziggurat Technologies' Zivolve™, the only AI powered trading assistant mobile application, has been empowering investors and shaking up the financial world with its innovative institutional level analytics iOS app, seeking to put high powered investing intel into the hands of retail investors. 

Now, in 2021, Ziggurat Technologies has taken its mission a step further by releasing Zivolve™ for Android, enabling Android users to experience the same revolutionary AI technology that Apple iOS users have been able to see first hand since last year.

At an affordably attractive $19.99 a month price tag, now any US-based investor on both Android and iOS mobile devices, can get professional electronic trading level stock market insight at their fingertips. As the pandemic has highlighted, the stock market can be a volatile place that requires tactile tooling and knowledge. It is now more important than ever in an increasingly volatile space to come to the market prepared. 

For those new to Zivolve™, this app strives to share its intelligent investment analytics with investors to equip them with professional-grade intel. Investors need all the tools that they can get to find the best opportunities to create a safe financial future. Zivolve™ uses smart technology to provide investors and traders with the best investment opportunities in a swift manner. With the app, the user can input preferences such as risk tolerance and expected return to receive the most reliable investment choices. Users can adjust key variables in the search engine feature to personalize Zivolve's suggested investment opportunities on both the buy and sell side. 

In addition to the release of Zivolve™ for Android, Zivolve™ 2.0 is in the works at Ziggurat Technologies and is set to be released at a to-be-determined date later in Q1 of 2021. This new version will have an updated user interface and improved performance of already established features, as well as some new features.

Ziggurat Technologies is based in California's Bay Area, the global capital of technology. The founder and CEO is Sia Nazari, who has experience in both academia and the private sector. Ziggurat's team is dedicated to helping Zivolve™ be a revolutionizing and educational tool. 

To download Zivolve™ on the Google Play Store, click here.

For the Apple iOS version, click here.

About Zivolve™:

Zivolve™ is a uniquely engineered smart investing assistant platform that aims to connect investors with specific strategies and risk profiles. With its AI-powered investment analytics, Zivolve™ identifies desired solutions for investors within virtually all global financial marketplaces. Our company empowers investors to optimize technologies by syncing personal investment philosophy, style, and risk tolerance in the simplest of fashion: at their fingertips.

Visit www.zivolve.com


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