ZibdyHealth Integrates Clinical and Genomic Data: Makes Pharmacogenomics Easy to Understand, Simple to Use, and Useful for Everyone

ZibdyHealth is the first health application to integrate clinical and genomic data, making pharmacogenomics data instantly much more useful.

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ZibdyHealth is pleased to announce integration of clinical and genomic data, making genomics useful for all of us (https://www.zibdy.com). This leap forward in personalized medicine promises exciting benefits for communities and individuals globally. Through this innovation, ZibdyHealth has the potential to dramatically improve patient care by improving specificity of diagnosis and helping stratify management and treatment.

Direct-to-consumer genomic testing labs provide a valuable service to consumers by identifying genetic mutations that may impact the efficacy and tolerability of particular medications. For just about $100 and a cheek swab, one can get these results. Most genomic test information is stored and shared as a PDF document, which is not searchable and can't be analyzed. Furthermore, current EHRs don't even have a field for genomic information. Thus, this data often remains in paper form.

Genetic tests and reports are not easy to understand or simple to use for an average person. A Ph.D. in genetics is needed to understand the importance of the information. To make it easy for people to understand this complex information, and democratize genomics, ZibdyHealth has integrated it with the patient’s clinical information. Without this integration step, the information in these genetic reports has limited value. Most busy clinicians do not have the time to look into these results and design treatment regimens based on the genomic data. ZibdyHealth is changing that starting today with pharmacogenomics (PGx).

“This new integration of genomics with clinical data will make pharmacogenomics more effective for everyone, especially polypharmacy patients,” said Hirdey Bhathal, CEO of ZibdyHealth. “We started by integrating pharmacogenomics, as it is the most validated area of genomics, and we plan further genomic integration.”

Now, our users can upload PGX results from any lab and take advantage of ZibdyHealth’s integration of genomic, medical and family history data. This information will provide key insights for personalizing care. Soon, we will be announcing direct links with top-tier labs making it easier for our users to import results. ZibdyHealth will remain completely free for the consumer.

ZibdyHealth already offers a feature in which simple barcode scanning allows users to create their medication lists. In the process of building this list, all meds are screened for drug-drug interactions, and if available, any history of family members using the same drug is also provided. Now, the users who have their genomics data and recommendations uploaded into ZibdyHealth will also get a PGx warning if a relevant drug is being added to the med list. There will no longer be a need to carry a 20-page PDF of your genetic polymorphisms.

To learn more about ZibdyHealth and pharmacogenomics (PGx) please visit: https://www.zibdy.com/pharmacogenomics-and-the-future-of-medicinehttps://youtu.be/t-e4R6MF43s

About ZibdyHealth: Our application consolidates data from any EMRs along with user-entered information and family medical history – and then gives the ability to share this consolidated knowledge with specific individuals based on permissions set by the ZibdyHealth user. For places where there is no EMR, ZibdyHealth can act like one to manage patient care for an individual or a clinic. Currently, it supports English and Spanish languages and full support of Portuguese will be coming soon.

The application provides a more complete health picture to treating physicians and care providers, important for both the patient and the provider. ZibdyHealth wants to help you take advantage of the power of EMRs and Genomics – and take back control of your health. Learn more at www.zibdy.com and follow @ZibdyHealth.

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