ZGO Perfumery Launches Candle Collection

The ZGO Perfumery candle collection now available at www.zgoperfumery.com

ZGO Candle Collection

On April 21, 2019, ZGO Perfumery (Zen Garden Oasis) officially launched their 10-fragrance candle product line. The ZGO candle collection includes unique and tantalizing scents inspired by life's journeys around the world.

The company CEO Claude Gratianne stated, "We wanted to capture the love of travel and scent and translate that into a candle that people would love to have in their home. It had to be a great scent, look good and be a reasonable price."

By all accounts, ZGO hit the mark since the candles have created quite a buzz in the San Francisco Castro neighborhood where they have their flagship store. Customers have been remarking how wonderful the scents are and noting their favorites. Gratianne went on to say, "Designing these candles was a great team effort and we're so thrilled to support the Spanish artisans who handcraft and pour these candles for us. We're looking forward to further collaborations."

Gratianne also notes that ZGO is donating a portion of the profits to benefit an orphanage in Thailand. "When my Thai partner and I realized how great the need was at Wat Pra Baht Nam Phu, we knew we had to make our own contribution in helping those people in very difficult circumstances." Wat Pra Baht Nam Phu is a Buddhist temple dedicated to caring for those afflicted with AIDS and serves approximately 2,000 people including 1,300 orphans.

The ZGO candle collection is now available on their website www.ZGOperfumery.com.

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