Zeto Announces Expert Jury for Its EEG Clinical Trial Sponsorship Program

The selected clinical research projects will be publicly announced by June 10th, 2024

Zeto, Inc., an innovative EEG brain monitoring company, is pleased to announce the distinguished members of the jury panel for its first clinical trial sponsorship program. The panel, comprising professionals from the fields of neurology and neuroscience research, will oversee the assessment and selection of clinical trials and research projects that align with Zeto’s mission to advance biomedical research and enhance patient care through innovative EEG applications.

Jury Panel Members:

Robert Fisher, MD, PhD - Dr. Fisher is the Director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center and is Zeto’s Chief Medical Advisor. He received research awards from the Klingenstein Foundation, EF, CURE and NIH. He has been named ‘Best Doctors in America’ since 1996 and received the Ambassador Award from the International League Against Epilepsy, the 2005 AES Service Award and the 2006 Annual Clinical Research Award. He is also the Past President of the American Epilepsy Society. His extensive experience and leadership in epilepsy research are invaluable to guiding the future of EEG technologies.

Michael Weisend, PhD - Dr. Weisend brings a multidisciplinary approach to the panel with his background in cognitive neuroscience, device development, and neuroimaging techniques. His work in academia, government, and industry, along with his innovative contributions to brain stimulation technologies, will provide a broad perspective on the potential applications of research topics in clinics using Zeto EEG. 

Pradeep Modur, MD - Dr. Modur is a board-certified epileptologist and the director of Ascension Seton’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. Additionally, he chairs Ascension Seton’s National Epilepsy Committee and holds a professorship at Dell Medical School of The University of Texas. Dr. Modur is active in research, serves as a reviewer for several journals and is a respected speaker at conferences. 

“We are thankful to all the research teams who submitted their applications. We were thrilled to receive such high-quality proposals! Now it’s time for our accomplished panel to evaluate the submissions. The assessment includes several factors such as alignment with Zeto’s vision, the potential impact on patient care, and the innovative utilization of EEG,” says Florian Strelzyk, Chief Sales Officer at Zeto.

Zeto announced at the 2023 Society for Neuroscience Convention in Washington D.C. that it invites interested research teams to submit proposal pitches by April 15, 2024, and the company would sponsor up to three clinical trials using the Zeto EEG system. 

Important Dates:

Selection Completion: The rigorous selection process will commence in May and be completed by June 1st, 2024.

Public Announcement: The selected clinical research projects will be publicly announced no later than June 10th, 2024, on Zeto’s official website and social media channels.

Zeto is committed to fostering advancements in EEG technology and clinical research. Our high-caliber jury panel underscores our dedication to supporting meaningful and impactful scientific studies that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

About Zeto, Inc.:

Zeto, Inc., is an award-winning, privately held medical technology company located in Santa Clara, CA, focused on transforming the way electroencephalography is done in clinical and research settings. Zeto’s revolutionary FDA-cleared EEG platform brings the traditional EEG procedure to the 21st century by offering the WR19, a zero-prep, wireless, easy-to-wear headset with active, dry electrodes that can be positioned as per the 10-20 system. The company plans to leverage its platform technology to improve access and quality to medical EEG testing and to enable and improve adjacent biomedical research and clinical trials.

To learn more about Zeto’s products, please visit https://zeto-inc.com or email us at research@zetoinc.com.

Source: Zeto, Inc.