Zest Dental Solutions Protects LOCATOR® With Court Ruling

Decision helps assure Zest customers receive genuine LOCATOR® products

LOCATOR Attachment System

Zest Dental Solutions, the only manufacturer of the Zest LOCATOR® Family of Abutment Systems, including the LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System, announces a significant legal victory which solidifies and reinforces the legitimacy of its LOCATOR® product line. 

On Monday, July 18, 2022, a Southern District of California court issued an opinion and order in Zest Anchors, LLC v. Geryon Ventures, LLC, 22-cv-230, that preliminarily enjoins and restrains Geryon Ventures, LLC, d/b/a DESS-USA, and Terrats Medical Sociedad Limitada, which sell overdenture products under the trade name "DESS," from importing into the United States and "using in any way" the DESS overdenture system that imitates Zest's LOCATOR® product line while Zest pursues its claims.    

The ruling helps to assure Zest customers, new and old, that when they buy Zest LOCATOR® products they will receive the genuine article. Zest filed this lawsuit after learning that DESS had partnered with one of Zest's former LOCATOR® distributors (ZimVie, formerly known as Zimmer Biomet) and was preparing to begin offering DESS's infringing products, which copy the well-known aesthetic features of Zest's market-leading LOCATOR® overdenture products, across the United States.  

Importantly, the Court not only enjoined DESS but all persons and entities acting in concert or participating with DESS to import, market, or sell DESS's infringing products (including infringing products sold by ZimVie).  

Tom Stratton, CEO of Zest Dental Solutions, stated, "The Court's opinion and order is a key signal that DESS's transparent efforts to create infringing products that deceive consumers and capitalize on Zest's reputation and success will not be permitted. Zest intends to vigorously pursue its rights in the litigation as part of its vigilant efforts to defend its intellectual property, protect its customers, and serve patients."

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About ZEST Anchors, LLC 

Zest Dental Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of diversified dental solutions for a continuum of patient care from the preservation of natural teeth to the treatment of total edentulism. The company's product offering consists of a range of solutions including the LOCATOR® Family of Attachment Systems, LOCATOR® Implant Systems, Consumables and Dental Equipment, with global distribution through Implant Companies, dealer/distributor networks, as well as a domestic retail sales operation. Zest Dental Solutions is headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with operations in Anaheim and Escondido, California. Zest Dental Solutions is a portfolio company of BC Partners, a leading private equity firm. For more information, please visit www.zestdent.com.

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