ZeroZen Design Is Changing the way Websites are Built. And it's Working

ZeroZen Design is the only true "risk-free" company willing to risk it all. Their web design process leaves clients smiling and laughing.

ZeroZen Design

​​​​If you have ever had a website created for your business, you know it can be a frustrating, long and drawn out process. Back-and-forth emails, no communication, and unexpected costs are just a few of the complaints small business owners have. One company, ZeroZen Design is willing to risk it all with their new "no-risk" web design model.

David Bentley, the founder of ZeroZen, started the company with no prior experience in creating an online presence. His earlier career involved toting a gun in some of the most dangerous places of in the world. Bentley claims that his prior Marine Corps experiences are the driving force behind his "gotta get it done" attitude. The 35-year-old tech founder joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old as a "challenge." Since then, he's been pushing the limits of what is considered possible.

Our experience with ZeroZen was a pleasure. It is clear that David has logged hundreds of hours building sites and is a consummate professional. This is all evident in his flexibility and work ethic - nothing can beat getting a site built and launched in a matter of hours.

Lisa Davis, Marketing @ First Performance Global

Seven years ago, with no experience in building websites, Bentley started ZeroZen Design, a web design company that aimed to change the landscape of small business web design, "back then, you either had a $10,000 website or you didn't have one at all." Bentley says. "This left so many start-ups and small businesses at an online disadvantage." Bentley's mission was to create a more affordable web design service. Websites cheap enough that budding entrepreneurs could have a fighting chance online.

Today, ZeroZen Design has come a long way. Bentley claims that until recently, he never spent a dime on ads, yet the company has over 900 clients around the world. This is a testament to Bentley's achievements, but he's not done yet. In April of 2017, the company launched what is to become the death of today's web design standard.

Bentley realized, through is own experiences, that the way websites are built today is a "broken model." "Ask yourself this - would you put a down payment on a home you never looked at?" Bentley challenged. "I dissected the model and came up with a hail Mary decision - build websites live with my clients over screen share." Bentley says he launched the new site outlining the new way of doing things and when he woke the next morning, his calendar was filled for the week.

Today, ZeroZen's calendar is booked out a week in advance. Their clients couldn't be happier. Susan Landry, an established copywriter had this to say:

"Working with David at ZeroZen was very fast, easy and convenient! He built my site in a matter of a few hours and it looked great. David was also quick to respond to any follow up questions, and when I was ready to push my site live he took care of it within a day. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable and professional-looking website!"

Bentley says he isn't going to stop here. He is currently seeking investment to expand the model in new directions. He says that building websites fast and affordable is just the surface. Using real data, Bentley wants to make web design a science, not an art. "There are simply too many variables to adjust in a website to analyze what will really work. With the right technology we can create websites that adjust themselves for better optimization." Bentley wants to build "smart technology" into each one of their client's websites. This technology will make owning a website easier, make optimizing a website automated, and mean more revenue for small businesses.

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