ZeroBounce Report: Email Quality Outweighs Subject Lines in Boosting Email Open Rates

Consistent Email Quality is the Primary Factor Influencing Open Rates, a New ZeroBounce Report Shows, With Subject Lines Coming in Second

Into the Inbox Email Statistics Report by ZeroBounce

Most people open a marketing email because they’ve been receiving consistently good emails from that source, shows ZeroBounce’s new Email Statistics Report for 2024. Based on a recent survey, the report reveals how consumers behave in their inboxes and the factors that play into email performance success.

“Contrary to conventional belief, subject lines are not the main driver of email open rates. According to 47% of respondents, the key to capturing attention is a consistent history of relevant emails from the sender,” says ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase. “Delivering high-quality content regularly is the foundation of building trust, and that trust is what gives a brand priority over other senders in people’s inboxes.”

The report also shows that 40% of consumers check email looking for brand discounts, with 66% preferring short messages. A whopping 78% of people report an email as spam only because “it looks like spam,” an insight reminding senders to avoid spam-like behavior such as grammatical errors, sloppy design, and emailing customers without permission. Sending cadence is another critical aspect, with 44% of people saying the primary reason they unsubscribe is receiving too many emails from the same company. 

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