ZeroBounce Leads in Encryption Methodology for E-Mail List Protection

Zerobounce is leading the way in encryption methodology for e-mail validation through the best content delivery system.

Email Validation

E-mail validation is increasingly important in the delivery of all e-mail. The frontrunner in e-mail validation,, provides the safety and security that clients need when it comes to protecting data through new encryption methodologies for e-mail list protection.

ZeroBounce is using one of the best content delivery network system in the world that is backed by Cloudflare. This provides clients with an Advanced DDOS and Advanced Firewall protection that gives another layer of defense to prevent cyber attacks/data breaches. Besides using this leading-edge system, all files uploaded and downloaded are encrypted with military-grade encryption ciphers. Customer data is never stored once data is validated and removed from the system; all aspects of the data are erased.

Not only is ZeroBounce employing this type of secure methodology, the validation service also employs several cybersecurity companies to continually, and in real-time, audit possible breaches and deploy a proprietary business logic to ensure the highest standards in protection of clients' proprietary data.

Of the company’s role in providing the best e-mail validation system to their clients, CTO Henry Timmes states, "The whole process of validating e-mails is very complex.  There are many minute details that you have to pay attention to - from security, ease of use, accuracy, functionality, integration, and availability, to data enrichment that actionable decisions can be made upon. These items are monitored and improved upon with our continuous integration and deployment model to bring faster features and updates that evolving businesses need in order to succeed with e-mail delivery."

Along with the encryption methodology, ZeroBounce employs:

●      E-mail Data Append

●      Advanced Security

●      Industry-leading Accuracy

●      Abuse E-mail and Spam Trap Detection

●      Competitive Pricing

About ZeroBounce: ZeroBounce is an e-mail validation service acknowledged by the commitment to e-mail bounce detection, email abuse, and spam trap detection, e-mail data append and advanced security.

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