ZeroBounce Launches Verify+ to Help Reduce Email Bounces From Disabled Yahoo-Related Email Addresses

The new feature helps companies avoid Yahoo-related email bounces, ensuring better campaign reach.

ZeroBounce launches Verify+

ZeroBounce introduces Verify+, a new feature designed to reduce bounces from deleted Yahoo-related email addresses (Yahoo, Verizon, and AOL). Verify+ helps companies land their email campaigns in the inbox and connect more effectively with their customers.

Verify+ uses proprietary methods to determine the validity of disabled Yahoo-related email addresses. It is an optional additional feature and is free of charge for all customers using ZeroBounce’s email validation service.

“Traditional email validation methods can’t detect disabled Yahoo-related accounts because they show as valid until they are deleted,” says ZeroBounce founder and CEO Liviu Tanase. “Verify+ addresses this by providing 99% accurate results for Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon addresses.” Thus, senders can confidently approach these addresses, avoid bounces, and achieve higher email deliverability. 

For more than a decade, disabled Yahoo-related accounts have been a challenge for companies running email marketing campaigns. Yahoo began deactivating dormant accounts in 2013 and intensified the purge in 2019. Classic email validation methods indicate deactivated accounts as valid. However, after more than one year of inactivity, Yahoo deletes dormant accounts, and contacts previously considered valid bounce back.

“It’s been an ongoing issue for companies targeting Yahoo-related account users,” says ZeroBounce Chief Operating Officer Brian Minick. “Many of our customers validate their lists for the first time, after collecting data for over a decade. With Verify+, they now get the same level of accuracy on Yahoo-related emails as they do on all other email providers. We are proud to be the first in our industry to develop a solution that actually works,” Minick adds.

To try Verify+, create a ZeroBounce account and begin validating an email list:

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