'Zero Data' Leader CitizenMe Raises $2m to 'Fix the Internet'

Ethical data pioneer prepares for a Cookie-free adtech world

CitizenMe has announced an investment of $2 million in a round led by the North East Venture Fund (NEVF), supported by the European Regional Development Fund, and managed by Mercia, with participation from 1818 Venture Capital. The money will fund its mission to "fix the internet". CitizenMe leads the category with the only fully functioning Zero Data technology that allows consumers to take control of their data and choose what data to share with companies, in exchange for fair and immediate payment. This investment will also be used to enhance CitizenMe's edge computing AI capabilities, and grow its presence in the U.S. and UK markets.

Today, our personal data is scattered across the internet, harvested by big tech companies like Facebook and Google. CitizenMe's 'Zero Data' technology introduces a simple change with a massive impact: people reclaim their digital superpower over their personal data by using a smartphone and the CitizenMe app. Companies and organisations use CitizenMe to request anonymised data and insights directly from consumers in real-time, in a fair, transparent and ethical exchange of value.

With more than 7.5 million zero data exchanges already completed, this method of sharing data is quickly establishing itself as the voice of the customer.

"We are more than just consumers, we are Digital Citizens, and there is a trillion-dollar digital economy fuelled by our personal data. CitizenMe enables people and brands to co-create better digital products, services and life outcomes. We are delighted that Mercia and 1818 share our belief in a sustainable digital future and our lead in the new Zero Data category. It is time to fix the internet by putting the control of data where it should be: in the hands of Digital Citizens," says StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe Founder. 

Digital Citizens have chosen to pre-share over 350+ different data types: from housing to income to their personality types. It enables customer-centric businesses to drive unique insights and one-to-one personalisation. With over 9,000+ Google reviews and counting, customers agree. By helping people to understand themselves better, companies can better understand their customers. Everyone benefits.

Thea Tebble of Mercia says: "Growing concern about the use of personal data is creating demand for a new type of customer data technology. CitizenMe offers a solution, enabling consumers to retain ownership of their personal data and companies to access it in an ethical way. The company is already ahead of the field and has huge potential for growth."

The Covid pandemic, combined with yet more data regulations, has accelerated demand for a new type of customer data technology: "Data privacy is of ever-increasing importance to consumers and regulators. Companies want and need to be able to personalise while respecting those desires. CitizenMe's Zero Data solution elegantly enables all those needs to be met." - Marc Cohen, Partner, 1818 Venture Capital

By being Citizen-First, and enabling people to participate in the exchange of their data, CitizenMe is part of a groundswell of ethical data companies delivering the required technology to change the internet. These include the MyData organisation and Tim Berners-Lee's SOLID protocol. CitizenMe is an active partner in this transformational new ecosystem seeking to create a more sustainable digital future. 

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About CitizenMe: We are the only Zero Data platform in the world that serves both people and businesses. Through our tech, everyone regains data privacy and choice. You are in full control -  your data is stored on your phone; Zero Data with us.

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