Zero 2 Infinity Presents the Final Design of a Pressurized Pod That Will Bring Humans to the Edge of Space

Zero 2 Infinity is designing the pilot and passenger apparel in collaboration with Elisava and Ecoalf

Bloon pod - Landing phase

The private space transportation company Zero 2 Infinity, has released today new images of the final design of the Bloon pod, as well as a video that shows the complete flight cycle of the Near Space experience.

During the past year, Zero 2 Infinity has worked closely with the Barcelona based Elisava School of Design and Engineering on the interior design of the pod. The result consists of an open modular composition and introduces the usage of innovative materials and aesthetics which are customizable for the ultimate experience of the passengers. With over 50 years of legacy, constant innovation and academic excellence, Elisava's approach has been integral to the development of this project.

Features like ergonomic shapes, lighting, next generation materials and audiovisual elements for interaction have been key in order to design the first Space Tourism pod ever created in Europe.

Bloon is configured for a total of six passengers, including two pilots, with individual spaces for each Near Space traveller. The patented pod design by Zero 2 Infinity features large panoramic windows that will allow for an unforgettable exploration. Bloon is a sustainable solution to Space transportation that has no negative impact on the environment. The pod is reusable and, since the balloon uses helium, it ensures a safe mission with no emissions.

During the design presentation, Zero 2 Infinity announced a collaboration agreement with Ecoalf, who will join Elisava in the coming months to design the apparel for the pilots, the passengers and the operations team of the company.

Ecoalf is a sustainable fashion brand who pioneered the use of recycled materials on a global scale. The company has developed over 160 fabrics, with sustainability and innovation being the main drivers. The challenge in the upcoming months is to include smart wearables into the design in order to integrate the experience with the passengers and the Near Space pod.

The Space sector has become more open to private initiatives and is currently living a revolution. Many services are in development from global communication services to meteorological predictions, interconnection of machines through the Internet of Things, and even the possibility of having a daily picture of the entire planet. These advances have paved the way for the creation of hundreds of companies that need efficient and safe transportation services like the ones Zero 2 Infinity is offering and developing.

Zero 2 Infinity, a private company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with subsidiaries around the world, is radically simplifying access to Space. It is the only company in Europe specialized in the elevation to the Edge of Space of components that require testing and certifying in Space conditions. At the moment, Zero 2 Infinity is working on sending small satellites into orbit through its project Bloostar. and eventually, has mid-term plans to send people to Near Space for science and leisure aboard with Bloon to the Edge of Space.

Source: Zero 2 Infinity


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