ZenSports to Host eSports Tournament; Launches Additional eSports Titles for Betting

ZenSports to host its first-ever eSports tournament next month; adds FIFA, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Rainbow 6 Siege for betting within its app

​​With North American sports leagues finally starting to return, sports bettors have been heavily turning to eSports the past few months to fill the betting void. Back in April, ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports-betting marketplace, launched eSports betting within its platform, including the two major titles League of Legends and Counter-Strike:GO.

Today, ZenSports is announcing more for eSports bettors and enthusiasts with the launch of its first-ever eSports soccer tournament that it will be hosting next month, along with more eSports titles for betting within its peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace. The eSports tournament being hosted by ZenSports will be held on Aug. 15, 2020, with up to 64 players competing in a head-to-head, double-elimination bracket of one of the popular soccer game titles out there. 

Gamers will have a chance to win up to 1,000,000 SPORTS tokens for first place (current value = $1,000), and there will be a total prize pool of 2,075,000 SPORTS tokens available across the top eight spots (current value = $2,075). There will also be a special skills competition in the middle of the tournament, with the winner of that receiving 250,000 SPORTS tokens (current value = $250).  Several popular streamers, such as Themightyped, King CJ0 (DC United), and cisseSZN (Philadelphia Union) are expected to participate and compete for the prize pool. Playing in the tournament is currently by invite only.

According to ZenSports, Co-Founder & CEO Mark Thomas, “While there is some eSports user-generated content available via other channels, no one is combining the ability to register and manage an eSports tournament online, while offering betting and prize money in a clean, simple management tool like ZenSports is.” 

The ZenSports mobile app will provide for the following technological capabilities during its first tournament:

  • Tournament registration.
  • Double-elimination bracket and head-to-head matchplay software management. Even those not playing in the tournament will be able to view match and tournament results in real-time.
  • Betting and prize money management.

ZenSports will also be broadcasting the tournament on its Twitch channel and hopes to integrate a Twitch streaming feed into its app for future tournaments.

In addition to hosting its own eSports tournament next month, ZenSports has also added four new popular eSports game titles for betting within its app: FIFA, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Rainbow 6 Siege. Adding these new eSports titles will allow sports bettors to bet on all of the organized leagues and tournaments that fall under these four game titles, just like bettors can currently do within ZenSports for League of Legends and CS:GO.

“Given the high-interest level of betting on League of Legends and CS:GO by ZenSports customers the past few months, and the rising demand of eSports betting in general, it makes sense to continue to add more eSports titles for betting within our app”, said Thomas. “We believe that eSports betting is the fastest-growing segment within the sports betting industry, and we’re excited to continue helping the sport grow.”

Anyone interested in checking out the real-time results of this eSports tournament, in betting on eSports, or in betting on sports in general in a peer-to-peer way can download the ZenSports app, which is available in both the App Store (iOS) and the ZenSports website (Android).

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Source: ZenSports