ZenQMS and TraceLink Announce Upcoming Quality Leaders Forum Special Event

Key insights on building quality culture as we move into a new era and ways of working

  ZenQMS, a leader in quality management software (eQMS) within the life sciences and healthcare industries, announces a special upcoming event in partnership with TraceLink: Increase Quality & Trust Using Digital Body Language. The May 27 virtual event is part of ZenQMS' ongoing Quality Leaders Forum (QLF) speaker series, which regularly convenes quality-minded leaders for interactive discussions that center around quality best practices and emerging trends.

At ZenQMS, we understand that quality teams are instrumental in creating quality culture within and throughout their organizations," explains Panos Boudouvas, ZenQMS' Co-Founder and CEO. "Effective communications skills are critical to quality leaders tasked with transitioning siloed teams into a single organization built on true partnership." 

The upcoming event will feature guest speakers and subject matter experts, Erica Dhawan, an award-winning keynote speaker and author, and Kirsten Peterson, a quality and regulatory leader at TraceLink, a leading digital network platform company. Moderated by ZenQMS' Jen Rajchel, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience, the QLF will spotlight the critical and foundational role of effective communication skills in building trust and creating a quality culture across organizations.

Author, Erica Dhawan, will highlight frameworks from her newly released book, Digital Body Language, chronicling how to strategically adapt to our ever-changing world of digital communication and collaboration. Quality and regulatory leader, Kirsten Peterson, will talk about how to use the strategies in Digital Body Language in the context of quality management.

"I'm particularly excited about this QLF because it speaks our philosophy that everyone plays a role in quality and to the importance of building a quality culture together," said Jen Rajchel. "Here at ZenQMS, we believe that quality is about continuous improvement and ultimately, people are at the center throughout the journey."

Register for this event here and visit our site for updates on ZenQMS Quality Leaders Forum events.

Source: ZenQMS

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