ZenHub Puts an End to Status Chasing and Late Software Projects With Intelligent Roadmaps

Real-Time GitHub Roadmapping Solution Features Color-Coded Progress, Projected Completion Date and a Portfolio View

​​​​​ZenHub, the most popular project management and roadmapping tool for teams using GitHub, today announced ZenHub Intelligent Roadmaps, a real-time roadmapping solution that drives alignment between software development teams and business stakeholders. Intelligent Roadmaps eliminates “status chasing” and completion dates based mostly on wishful thinking. It features color-coded progress indicators, projected completion dates, and a new “organizational view” to help teams get visibility into key projects across their entire product portfolio.

ZenHub Intelligent Roadmaps is the only roadmapping solution in the market that’s natively built into GitHub. Roadmaps integrate with a team’s existing GitHub Issues and Pull Requests to provide an “always up-to-date” view of a project based on changes that are happening in the code, effectively putting an end to the need for manual updates to a separate tracking or project management tool or verbal updates in meetings.

“Today, software projects are mission-critical to the future of every business, but tracking and managing these projects is often left to highly inefficient and inaccurate means,” said Aaron Upright, ZenHub founder. “ZenHub Roadmaps brings development teams and business management together with a system for tracking progress and indicating completion based on actual work, rather than estimates or overly optimistic projections. ZenHub Intelligent Roadmaps makes it easy for teams to communicate progress and course correct when projects get off track.”

This latest release introduces the popular concept of color-coded RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status indicators into the Roadmap. With it, teams can visually assess the progress of key projects within a matter of seconds and take the appropriate action. A red, amber or green color instantly indicates status, communicating whether a project is on track (green), at-risk (amber), or behind (red). This change gives managers and executives the ability to quickly address delays and bottlenecks without ever having to distract teams doing the work.

Intelligent Roadmaps also gives teams a way to visualize a “predicted end date” for a project based on the rate at which Issues and Pull Requests are being completed. Software teams are constantly being asked the question, “When will this be done?” Now they can provide a more confident answer based on real-time updates that are tied to the codebase. The feature enables teams to have proactive conversations around reducing the scope of a project and take corrective action early to avoid missing critical deadlines.

Finally, Intelligent Roadmaps provide a view of all active projects across an organization, regardless of which GitHub Repos the projects belong. This new view enables managers and stakeholders to manage a portfolio of projects from a single place, rather than having to individually navigate between Repos to understand progress. At the same time, developers can see the impact and importance of their work at an organization-wide level by having a “big picture” view of where critical projects fit into the company roadmap.

ZenHub Intelligent Roadmaps is available via ZenHub’s extensions and Webapp today for all cloud customers. Organizations can immediately start using Roadmaps to manage development projects with a free 14-day trial.


Additional information about ZenHub Intelligent Roadmaps can be found here: www.zenhub.com/roadmaps

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