Zello Updates Brand to Align With Company's Mission of Serving Frontline Workers

Zello ushers in the next decade with new iconography, a new logo, and new messaging to better reflect the role of the company's core technology in empowering communication and collaboration for frontline workers.

Zello, the push-to-talk voice messaging and dispatch communications app for frontline teams and businesses, announced today the launch of its brand refresh to celebrate the company's 10-year anniversary. The goal of the initiative is to better align with the company's mission of serving frontline workers through its look, messaging, and feel. 

Changes include a revised mission statement, logo, and overall messaging and look that put frontline workers in industries such as retail, transportation, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and emergency response first. 

Founded in 2011, the company now brings crystal clear digital push-to-talk voice communications to thousands of teams. Beginning with the idea of "social radio," Zello has developed into an essential push-to-talk app for industries. Construction workers, housekeepers, sales associates, delivery drivers, manufacturing floor employees, and so many more turn to Zello to communicate with one button push due to the physical nature of their work, which often means they can't take their hands or eyes off of the task at hand for long.

The app offers crystal clear sound quality and a reliable connection as opposed to the radio and carrier push-to-talk solutions it replaces. Zello also offers a popular Dispatch Hub, which eliminates the distractions and confusions of traditional dispatch channels, enabling drivers and dispatchers in frontline industries to connect directly rather than fighting to be heard. 

"When we founded this company in 2011, we did so with a deep belief in the power of the human voice to connect people," says CEO Bill Moore. "Zello has helped rescuers save people from a mine shaft in Chile and rooftops during Hurricane Harvey and many others. It's helped search and rescue teams communicate and get organized. Many important digital communities have come together on the app. As the app expanded rapidly in popularity, we saw it being naturally used by frontline workers on the ground, so we recalibrated our focus onto them as a communication utility. From the people who fold our sheets to the people who pave our roads, Zello makes the lives of frontline workers that much easier with better human communication."

Still a digital walkie talkie app but so much more, the company's refresh evolves the look and feel of the brand to better communicate the company's refocused mission.

The changes unveiled today include a new logo that looks less like a chat messaging app and more like a physical tool found in a hardware shop to reflect Zello's place among the many tools used directly on the frontline.

"It's our way of crystalizing the reason we all come into work each day: to uplift the voices of the frontline," says Moore. "Now, the company's branding reflects that."


Zello is a comprehensive live-voice-centered communications solution, including an integrated, enterprise-grade dispatch hub and an industry-leading voice messaging app for frontline teams. With Zello, turn iOS, Android, and Windows devices into walkie-talkies that can also record messages, track location, issue real-time emergency alerts, and make live voice communications safe and reliable amid complex operations and everyday logistics. Current customers include PepsiCo, Bechtel, the Salling Group, Connections, Lufthansa, Hyatt, YRC Freight, Hilton, Cemex, and LafargeHolcim. Zello is recognized as one of the most reliable communication tools for mobile workers by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CBS, CNBC, USA Today, and TechCrunch.

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Zello is a comprehensive live-voice-centered communications solution, including an integrated, enterprise-grade dispatch hub and an industry-leading voice messaging app for frontline teams.

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