Zazmic Inc. Introduces Zazmic Stream

Zazmic Stream is a powerful Product Development Platform

Z-Stream, an All-in-one Workflow & Product Development Tool!

Zazmic Inc., leveraging the power of Google App Engine and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine, today introduced Zazmic Stream, a powerful and comprehensive product development platform for development teams. 

In addition to supporting traditional Scrum and Agile functionality, Zazmic Stream modernizes conventional development processes such as Product Roadmap, Test Suite, Gantt Chart, integration with Git version control software, and also introduces a new dashboard that features real-time updates. The platform has been built on Node and Angular, and offers easy integration with G Suite.

Zazmic Stream customers share their feedback:

  • The overall UI and features are nice and clean and easy on the eye, kudos to you for assembling all this functionality in one product”  - Patrick O’Leary, Founder / CEO, Boostr
  • Initial response from the team has been very positive.”  - Amir Borna, Chief Product Officer, Sounding Board

YANN KRONBERG, CTO of ZAZMIC INC. says, “We’re delighted with the positive, early stage feedback from Zazmic customers who are solving real world, day-to-day issues in all phases of the product development cycle. Zazmic Stream accelerates the process of bringing products to life.”

If you are interested in learning more about Zazmic Stream, please contact Zazmic’s Sales team at or call 415-728-1621. Visit: for a Free Trial.

About us: Zazmic Inc. is a global software company and Google Cloud Partner with more than 250 employees, providing powerful solutions that help development teams manage all phases of the product development lifecycle. Core Services include custom software for Data Science (ML, AI), Web - Python, Java, .Net, Node, Angular React - Mobile - iOS & Android, Cloud, and others.

Our Mission: Zazmic Inc. simplifies product innovation, creation & execution. This is accomplished by continually delivering innovative products, outstanding service, powerful R&D, long-range vision, and commitment to deep-rooted customer partnerships.

Media Contact: 
Julia Sanders
Phone: 415.728.1676

Source: Zazmic Inc.

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