ZayZoon's Fee-Free Gas Card Stretches Employee Wages Further on Gas

A 5% Bonus on Gas Card Payout Option Helps Workers Save Where They're Already Spending Money

ZayZoon, an Earned Wage Access provider for small and mid-sized businesses, is enhancing its instant payout methods with an offering, Gas Card, which gives employees an extra 5% bonus on gas. Gas Card enhances ZayZoon's commitment to providing its customers with savings where they are already spending money, helping to save on everyday necessities with flexible on-demand payment options. 

Fluctuating gas prices place increased pressure on employees' wallets and cause one of the most common cash flow shortfalls between payday. Now, ZayZoon customers have the option to instantly access their earned wages in the form of a gas card with a 5% added bonus on the amount put on the card. Gas Card is one of a number of ZayZoon's fee-free payout options and is sent to employees instantly via email. Customers also receive a $5 reward when they try Gas Card for the first time. ZayZoon's Gas Card is digitally available on mobile wallets and for immediate use at major gas stations.

"We noticed the same stories: customers telling us they're spending too much at the pump and sometimes even missing work because they couldn't afford gas," said Tate Hackert, President and Co-founder of ZayZoon. "Gas Card is one of many options we're investing in to help customers stretch their dollars further, so they don't have to cut costs elsewhere or disrupt their work commute." 

ZayZoon's Gas Card bolsters its commitment to offering flexible and fee-free options to help manage everyday expenses. With various payout methods, ZayZoon customers can determine the best way to address their essential needs. 

When ZayZoon customer Jessica was asked about the last time they redeemed a Gas Card and what it was for, they answered, "Gas because I'm broke and my tank is on empty, and I get tired of asking people for help. This way I can help myself. Financial independence is important to me."

ZayZoon customers can also withdraw some or all of their earned wages into Instant Gift Cards with a bonus amount of up to 25% with no fee. Employees with access to ZayZoon can instantly redeem gift cards from hundreds of brands like Walmart, DoorDash and Amazon. These fee-free options supplement ZayZoon's existing on-demand pay features, which allow employees access to their earned wages during the pay period before their next paycheck.

ZayZoon customers like Jayden say Instant Gift Cards help manage the cash flow pinch between paydays: "[It] allowed me to utilize about $30 after giving a [Gas Card] for my car when I ran out of gas and I lost my credit card. The Gift card ensured that I could be back on the road instantly without a hiccup to it."

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