zavvie Launches zavvie Pro to Help Agents Create Inventory, Turning Homeowners Into Sellers

zavvie Pro help agents create inventory, turning homeowners into sellers

A decade ago, homeowners thinking about selling their home had limited options. Today, those same homeowners have the opposite problem — between iBuyers, buy-before-you-sell bridge solutions, and listing on the open market, they have more choices to sell a home than ever before. Yet homeowners often lack the information necessary to determine what choice will be the best one for them right now. The modern real estate agent now brings all selling options to the table, helping their clients choose their best option.

zavvie, the first end-to-end real estate brokerage platform encompassing all selling solutions, is launching zavvie Pro to help modern real estate agents turn homeowners into sellers. A new nationwide service, zavvie Pro empowers the modern agent to show homeowners apples-to-apples comparisons of all the different selling options available in their market.

zavvie currently powers a custom, centralized selling solutions platform for leading real estate brands coast-to-coast that connects agents, home sellers, and solution providers. Participating brokerages give local homeowners the ability to see instant offers from iBuyers, buy-before-you-sell options from bridge solution providers, and compare them to how much their home could sell for with an open market listing.

The new zavvie Pro program is an advanced system for the modern agent and teams. zavvie Pro agents gain access to enhanced seller lead generation tools, personalized branding within the selling solutions platform, and a ground-breaking new service called OfferFax.

OfferFax is a proprietary selling options report that provides agents an objective, apples-to-apples comparison of all available selling options to help agents guide their clients, including data-backed graphics that rate each offer based on current relevant criteria.

zavvie Pro keeps the modern agent at the center of every sales transaction, no matter what the homeowner decides,” said Lane Hornung, zavvie co-founder, and CEO. “We built zavvie Pro to help the modern agent generate more seller leads, win more listings, and always earn a commission,” he added.

Agents upgrading to zavvie Pro receive personal branding that puts them “front and center” as their name, photo, and contact information are all prominently displayed on all web pages and printouts. Enhanced seller lead generation tools to include a customizable main landing page, and the iOffer Estimator widget that an agent can add to any website page they have access to, as well as an exclusive customizable iOffer Estimator Landing page.

With the customizable iOffer Estimator Landing page, once a homeowner enters a property address, zavvie’s proprietary data platform returns an offer estimate instantly. Agents can then immediately follow up with this new seller to share additional information about all their sales options.

“Consumers want to see all of their choices,” said Hornung. “We know it’s hard to find, submit, analyze and advise a homeowner about the multiple seller options in today's marketplace. Many agents don’t work with different solution providers, so they lose out on converting homeowners into sellers.”

“zavvie provides today’s modern agent with the tools and dedicated support so homeowners can see all their selling options, giving them confidence when they decide to sell their home,” Hornung explained.

Hornung noted that zavvie’s new OfferFax would give many homeowners the kind of insight and information at a glance that they currently lack. “OfferFax will encourage more homeowners to become home sellers,” he said.

In a single report enhanced by easy-to-understand graphics, OfferFax shows all solution provider property valuations and offer prices; all solution provider fees in dollars and cents; the average repair concessions typically requested by solution providers; estimated net proceeds for each seller option, including listing on the open market. OfferFax also numerically rates every seller option's strength relative to current, local market data and conditions. And it provides each option's actual time to sell according to current, local market data and conditions.

A video overview of zavvie Pro is available here. More details on zavvie Pro are available on its website at

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