Zackson Psychology Group, Leading Psychologists in CT for Adults, Children and Families, Welcomes Two New Members

Two renowned clinical psychologists, Dr. Jesse Metzger and Dr. Charles Opsahl, have now joined Zackson Psychology Group

Zackson Psychology Group, Leading Psychologists in CT

Today, Zackson Psychology Group announces the addition of two new members to their team of psychologists in CT, Dr. Jesse Metzger and Dr. Charles Opsahl.

Dr. Jesse Metzger is a clinical psychologist, licensed to practice psychology in several states including Connecticut and New York, with over 15 years of experience providing psychological and psychoeducational testing, psychological assessment, and empirically-supported treatments. Her clinical expertise focuses on children, adolescents, and college-age adults to evaluate performance and educational, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning. Her goal is to go 'beyond diagnosis' to determine the underlying clinical and cognitive processes that impact functioning, with a passion for unraveling the various factors that both help and hold individuals back.

Her training includes an undergraduate degree in psychology from Williams College, a master's and doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University, and a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University in Montréal, Québec. 

Dr. Charles Opsahl is renowned for his expertise in the field of clinical psychology and psychiatry, having received his clinical training at Yale University. His research is focused in the area of brain-behavior relationships, body weight regulation, and brain mechanisms related to mood disorders such as depression, anger control, adult anxiety, and affective regulation. He works with a wide range of clients from adults, parents, CEO'S struggling with depression, anxiety, marital and family issues and work issues. 

Utilizing a biopsychosocial approach in his practice. Dr. Opsahl considers the biological, psychological and social factors that influence the way his clients feel and how those factors impact overall health. 

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