Zack's Discounts Offers Simple Ways to Find Deals on Amazon and eBay

New site makes finding deals easy

​​A new site, Zack’s Discounts, offers users a way to find the best prices for products on Amazon and eBay.

The site is powered by online retail giant and online auction hub eBay. Both sites offer thousands of products for sale, which, Munsey said, makes it possible for people to find nearly anything they’re looking for.

"Online shopping has really revolutionized the way people buy things," Zach Munsey, the site's owner said. "But with so many options it can be hard to be sure you're finding the best price on what you want. Zack's Discounts is dedicated to making that easy, with ways to search for the products you're looking for in one place."

Zack Munsey, Owner

“You’re guaranteed to find just about whatever you need on the site,” he said. “By partnering with two of the largest sellers on the Internet, we can give users access to anything they can imagine.”

In addition to offering access to products, the site also has blog posts designed to help users become more savvy at online shopping. One recent topic is about finding the best sale prices and other deals, while another post looks at ways to keep financial information secure when shopping online.

“We want to be a resource for people looking to save money while getting exactly what they want,” Munsey said. “We can help them find great prices on everything from art to video game consoles, and also educate them about being smart shoppers.”

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