Zach King Wins Streamy Award 2021 for Best Visual Effects

The Streamy Awards recognizes excellence in online videos and honors the creatives behind them

Zach King wins Streamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects

Zach King, the popular online creator most known for his short viral magic videos, is on a winning streak, steadily becoming one of the world's top digital entertainers. According to King Studio, Zach won a Streamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects (though he prefers to call it "digital sleight of hand"). The Streamy Awards is an annual event dedicated to recognizing excellence in online videos and honoring the creators behind them. This is Zach's third Streamy, winning his first in 2015.

Since entering the TikTok stage in 2016, Zach has captivated an audience of over 66 million followers, making him the fifth most followed creator on the app. In fact, he has created four out of the five most-viewed TikTok videos of all time. These four videos alone have racked up a staggering 4.9 billion views. In a recent reaction video, Zach won praise from YouTube giant Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson), who noticed that Zach dominated the top places of the list. "Nothing gets a billion views unless it's high quality content," he commented. So what does that say about Zach's top video, which has a record 2.2 billion views? Talk about hypnotizing! 

In perhaps his most exciting win of the year, Zach pulled off a close-call victory in Mr. Beast's Creator Games, nabbing the coveted one million dollar cash prize. Other contestants included some of the biggest names on the internet, like Logan Paul, Bella Poarch, and Mark Rober. As a condition of winning the prize, Zach agreed to give away all of the prize money to charity and a few lucky fans. Zach and Mr. Beast will collab to give away the money in an upcoming video, bringing magic into the real lives of his fans. 

With growing visibility outside the world of social media, Zach has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in entertainment. Most recently, Zach appeared in an episode of the hit Disney+ show, The World According To Jeff Goldblum. In the season 2 episode titled Magic, Goldblum visits Zach at his studio and peeks behind the curtain to see how Zach brings his magical ideas to life. They even make a short video together that Zach later posted to his Instagram account, garnering more than 11 million views.

Zach's success is not just smoke and mirrors. While his methods may be a mystery, his achievements are no illusion. His fans are cheering him on, waiting to see what other tricks Zach has up his sleeve.

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Source: King Studio