Zach Harris to Speak About Ethanol Extraction and the Future of Extraction Technology in the Hemp Industry

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Zach Harris, co-founder and CEO of Pinnacle Stainless (Denver, CO, USA), will bring deep knowledge of extraction technology to the forefront of the U.K. hemp industry during the Hemp and CBD Expo this weekend. Harris will cover the basics of extraction methodologies, focusing specifically on ethanol extraction, in addition to speaking about the future of the industry and the role that extraction plays.

The expo will give the UK's hemp and CBD industry the opportunity to get a real-time look at other players in the field, connect and network, learn about new technologies and roadmaps, and reposition themselves in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Speakers include U.K. and international industry experts who will provide information on a wide variety of topics from policy and health to cosmetics and retail.

The expo takes place Feb. 29-30, 2020 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, U.K. 

About Zach Harris and Pinnacle Stainless

As an industry leader, maintaining a wealth of knowledge and foresight are all but required when it comes to the forces driving Pinnacle Stainless and its CEO and co-founder, Zach Harris. Keeping tabs on an ever-evolving industry is no easy feat, and Zach believes it necessary to stay ahead of the curve – so he and his company can set the standard for safety, quality and efficiency, providing the best and most relevant solutions on the market.

With vast in-field manufacturing and engineering experience mostly spent in equipment fabrication for FDA food, pharma and cryogenic industries, Zach brings more to the table when it comes to advancing technology in ethanol extraction and processes. Based in Colorado, he provides guidance and insight on topics ranging from political and social industry impacts to ideation around the future of cannabis and extraction challenges, evolution and growth potentials.

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