Yuriy Ivanov's New Book 'BAHKRUUNE' is a Profound Account of a Man's Fight to Stay Alive and Keep His Humanity Intact Despite Life's Devastating Situations

Fulton Books author Yuriy Ivanov, a courageous and astute man, has completed his most recent book "BAHKRUUNE": a dark and heavy memoir of a man who continues to do right for others and himself. In this detailed narrative, Yuriy Ivanov bravely exposed the gruesome part of his past. He showed how hard it is to keep his sanity when cruel things happen. This is his story of survival and the measures he had to take and endure in order to continue breathing in his maddening world.

Ivanov shares, "BAHKRUUNE means to revert with a duel purpose. The rune is old Norse meaning, return ill will to the originator. I hope you will understand by the time you finished reading my autobiography of my life and will understand why I chose to use the rune and the name of my own design for the intent of insight and understanding of the choices that are given to us and how and why to that which affects us and others around us.

"Only an Earl of Norway from a Noble inheritance or birthright can enact BloodEagle on its Subjects given the severity of the wrongful actions against its victims. Should the punished scream before the ritual of BloodEagle is finished, Odin will deny the right of passage to the halls of Valhalla.

"Had my heart been poisonous in the form of Vengeance and Hatred and if it were up to me and if I was an Earl of Norway, I would enact such measures of BloodEagle on my adopted parents given the severity of their actions towards me to where the punishment is equal to how I have felt for the last 26 years of my life. The Super Nova that is inside my heart that has been boiling is currently being held at bay of my own free will knowing the choices that can be given from the premeditated offensive actions that can cause and effect that is around me most inflicting what I care about the most, for which I cannot allow."

Published by Fulton Books, Yuriy Ivanov's book is an appalling autobiography about a man who experienced horrible things just because of his Russian blood. It depicts the dark side of humanity and the ugly after-effect of one's trauma.

Some details in the story are distressing and will be very hard to swallow. Readers' discretion is needed.

Readers who wish to experience this spine-chilling work can purchase "BAHKRUUNE" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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