YouTube's Stokes Twins Maintain They Are Wrongfully Accused of Crimes They Did Not Commit

Wallin & Klarich today issued the following statement on behalf of their clients:

Alex Stokes will be defended in this matter by Matthew Wallin and Paul Wallin of Wallin & Klarich, a Law Corporation. Alan Stokes will be represented by Attorney Mark A. Gallagher.

On August 6, 2020, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer decided to issue a press release advising the public that our clients were being accused of two different crimes. This press release was issued almost 300 days after the alleged crimes occurred. We have reviewed all of the discovery provided to our offices in this case. We can say without hesitation that our clients are in fact not guilty of any crimes. The District Attorney's office will have to explain why they would wait almost ten months after the alleged crime was committed to issue a press release without arresting our clients or even notifying them of this decision prior to issuing a press release.

Below is a summary of the facts that we have uncovered from a review of the discovery we have been provided by the Orange County District Attorney's office.

On October 15, 2019, our clients, content creators Alex and Alan Stokes, were filming a new video for their YouTube channel. While the brothers were producing the video a bystander mistakenly believed there was an emergency and contacted the Irvine Police Department and reported that he believed a crime was taking place.

When the Irvine Police Department arrived, the officers contacted our clients, along with their videographers. After speaking to our clients, the police officers did not arrest nor cite our clients.

The defense team for Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes, Matthew Wallin, Paul Wallin, and Mark A. Gallagher state:

"Our clients have no criminal record. They have never been arrested in their lives. They have had a highly successful YouTube channel for the past three years. None of the prior creative videos they have posted on their YouTube channel (which total in excess of 124 videos) have ever been challenged or taken down for inappropriate content. The twins have 4.9 million YouTube subscribers. We strongly believe when the evidence is presented in this case it will show that our clients are not guilty of any crimes."

The lawyers representing the Stokes brothers continue as follows:

"Alex and Alan Stokes were never arrested or even cited for these charges. They have not been required to post bail in this case and remain free from custody. There are no restrictions that have been placed upon their ability to continue to produce creative and high-quality content on their YouTube channel."

If you would like to discuss this matter in more detail you can contact Wallin & Klarich at our corporate office at 714-730-5300 or email Paul Wallin at or Matthew Wallin at You can also contact Mark A. Gallagher at or by phone at 714-680-7707.

Please do not contact our clients directly at this time.

Source: Wallin & Klarich, A Law Corporation


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