Youtube Channel Helps Feed the Hungry This Thanksgiving With Views

And will feature a different nonprofit weekly to let you know how to get involved.

Carter Yocham, Creator of "Do Things That Matter" YouTube Channel

Do Things That Matter, a Youtube channel created to help viewers learn about nonprofit organizations, made its premier video last week when its creator, Carter Yocham, attempted to break the world record for most dabs in a minute.

Ryan Hanson, Owner of and long time friend of Yocham stated, “What Carter is doing is something more Youtube creators need to focus on. Using the platform to educate viewers about organizations and causes we can  get behind and support while making content that people want to see.”

Along with the free  publicity, organizations will receive a cash donation from the channel depending on the amount of views their video gets.  

Yocham stated, “The more views the channel receives the more money we’re able to donate to these great causes. I wanted my first video to make an impact on families and individuals this Thanksgiving, so I decided to highlight Feeding America. This organization works closely with my local food bank and they make a huge impact on our community. Each view helps, so go watch my video and subscribe!”  



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​Carter Yocham

Source: Do Things That Matter


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