Youth Specialist, Refuel Agency, Announces New Higher Education Marketing Sister Company

Admissions marketing veteran joins Thinking Cap Agency, a media and marketing agency dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of higher education institutions

Introducing Thinking Cap Agency

​​​Refuel Agency, a longtime leader in youth, military, multicultural and local marketing and media placement, today announced a new sister company dedicated exclusively to building strategic, data and research-led, student-centered campaigns for higher education institutions nationwide. The new company, Thinking Cap Agency, was born to creatively meet the needs, and solve the recruitment and enrollment challenges, facing higher education institutions today.   

Anchored in the heart of Herald Square in NYC, and with offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Princeton, Thinking Cap Agency leverages the power of data and exclusive research to drive real enrollment results for its clients.  “With more than 400 college and university clients already on our roster, we know what works and what doesn’t to drive enrollment behavior and feed the always-hungry enrollment funnel with decision-ready applicants (DRAs). Thinking Cap is right smack in the center of the intersection between science and storytelling,” says Derek White, president and CEO of Thinking Cap Agency.

A key differentiator is the full-service, omni-channel approach at Thinking Cap Agency. The company’s “Toolbox” runs deep, straddling media and analytics, data and audience, strategy and content (including video production) and creative and branding. Thinking Cap Agency also employs a customized, automated, web-based performance dashboard for all of its client campaigns. These customized reports provide real-time access to campaign performance data in order to maximize and achieve campaign goals.

Enter Jackie Nealon, a results-oriented senior higher education management guru with proven experience building, leading and inspiring enrollment and marketing teams to surpass recruitment, retention, marketing, branding and revenue goals and expectations. As VP and chief strategy officer, Nealon leads the higher-education-obsessed team at Thinking Cap Agency.  

As an industry insider, Nealon’s “been there, done that” perspective provides college and university partners with a seasoned expert who speaks their language and understands first-hand the challenges they are facing. After earning her doctorate in higher education management from the University of Pennsylvania, Nealon continued to thrive as a strategist and tactician in the fast-paced world of admissions, enrollment and marketing. Nealon says, “Trust me, I wouldn’t dream of leaving my dream job in a college admissions and marketing office unless I absolutely believed in the power of the Thinking Cap toolbox. This is what higher ed deserves and it’s about time.”


Thinking Cap Agency is a data-driven organization committed to incessant learning, improving and exceeding recruitment and marketing expectations. Its student-centered, omni-channel approach to delivering a college’s brand message gives clients a clear competitive edge in today’s higher education recruitment market. A sister company of Refuel Agency, this team of obsessed experts is willing to be judged and measured by their clients’ enrollment goals.

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Refuel Agency is the largest full-service marketing and advertising firm dedicated to helping brands reach niche consumer segments including teens, college students, military personnel, multicultural and local communities across the U.S. The business was formerly a central division of Alloy Media + Marketing. Refuel Agency has locations nationwide, with headquarters in New York City and offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, California, and Princeton, New Jersey.

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