Youth Soccer Becomes The New Craze In New Jersey, Thanks To Pre K Kickers

Pre K Kickers, a New Jersey youth soccer training company, is giving Morris County residents a more vivid vision of the sport.

Morris County, New Jersey: Soccer may become the most popular sport for children in their pre-school and kindergarten years, kicking football and tee-ball out of the spotlight. The growing interest in the sport seems to coincide with the recent exposure of the World Cup, but is taking off due to the county-wide spread of Free Soccer Camps hosted by Pre K Kickers.

Free soccer camps are sure to ring the ears of parents- most of who are at home, affected by the economic crisis. It is true that some consumers may doubt the quality of something that is free, but with a flyer boasting its website of legitimacy and friendliness; it is difficult not to inquire about it.

These free soccer camps have been held throughout the summer for 3 to 6 year-olds at fields in NJ towns such as Mount Olive, Parsippany, and Randolph. They have proven to be a big hit by gaining participants from outside towns, and through friends of friends.

Many of the participants have requested an extra day of training because of the great experience they had, which happens to reflect Pre K Kickers' mission: To create the ultimate soccer experience for kids.

Not to mention the number of kids who beg their parents to stay longer.

Coach Ken of Pre K Kickers is becoming adored by many parents for his high energy, compassion, and unique style of teaching. He brings his students back every day of the week by creating suspense for the families- what will Coach Ken do next?

More and more residents of Morris County are signing up for free training camps, and inquiring about other soccer-related services Pre K Kickers provides. This trend of youth soccer will continue to spread with the genuine support from families, and Pre K Kickers' persistence to deliver fun and valuable services.

About Pre K Kickers:
Who is this family-oriented soccer training organization, making its way into the market? Pre K Kickers is small and family-owned with one main goal in mind- to give its students a FUN, physical and social soccer experience. With over 25 years of experience, and the desire to inspire children, Pre K Kickers is ready to take youth soccer to the next level.

These free summer camps are just a preview of what Coach Ken and his Kickers can provide to the families of New Jersey. Visit for more information about Pre K Kickers, and experience the fun for yourself!


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