Youth Basketball Prodigy Lyle Shannon II Plays Defense Like His Idol Michael Jordan

Standing at an astounding 6'10", Lyle Shannon II is one of the most promising young prodigies in youth basketball in the country.

Lyle makes the Free Throw

Basketball prodigy Lyle Shannon II, who currently plays for Raw Impact Basketball attends Bishop Gorman High School, stands at an astounding 6'10" and plays defense like his idol Michael Jordan. The promising young star has the speed and quickness to shut down any guard or small forward. He excels in teamwork, is a born leader and has a competitive spirit.

“There are thousands of young confident players representing their high school and college teams hoping to impress their respective coaches and scouts, but Lyle stands out among them,” says Coach Jamaal. “Few are able to achieve their dream of playing for the NBA. Lyle has the skill, talent and dedication to be able to make it.” Lyle currently plays for the Raw Impact Basketball Club team.

Lyle is only 15 years old and already a sought-after player. He is balancing his dedication to basketball and his academics as well. His tenacity on and off the court have positioned Lyle ahead of many of his peers. The current stats for Lyle are that he is left-handed, averages 16 points/game, makes 50 percent of his free throws and slam-dunks with both hands.

Lyle has a YouTube channel ( where there are over 40 mini video clips showing him performing in sync with his teammates and scoring consistently each time. Some of the videos already have more than 100,000 views.

For more information about Lyle and to discuss his future basketball career, contact Coach Jamaal by phone at 404-481-1028 or email at

About Lyle Shannon

Lyle Shannon is a 15-year-old youth basketball prodigy attending Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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About Lyle Shannon

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the US. The game is played with playing in the NBA being the ultimate destination. Lyle Shannon, at an astounding 6'10 is one of the most promising young prodigies of youth basketball in the country

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