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Football is the passion to millions of billion people around the world. The World Cup Tournament is the greatest event for all the nations that play football and at the same time it is the most precious event for those who follow the sport. There are people who satisfy themselves by watching the game on the screens of television. But there are many who are not contended by the television and they want to breathe in the air of the place where the football match takes place.

This is not always very easy as the event of World Cup Football happens once in every four years and they take place in different country every time. So, merely buying a ticket for the match will not be enough to take you to the field! You have to make arrangements for the Visa to the respective country and visiting a foreign country is obviously very much expensive.

As already said, the people who are mad about the game can go to any extent to experience the event and there are many who keep saving money for four years so that they can afford to buy the tickets and fly to the place in time. The country that hosts the event is the lucky one as their citizens are relieved from flying to another country!

World Cup 2014 is knocking at the door and this year the host is Brazil. Being one of the super powers of football, they have worked hard to make event a complete success. But no event can be said to be successful unless it is finished! Brazil is obviously the favourite contender not only because it is the host, but they are perhaps the best football team in our planet. The record of Brazil's success is enough to make it clear the reason for claiming this team to be the favourite contender of the cup.

If you are planning to buy a ticket for yourself to experience the World Cup tournament, you must hurry! The sale of the tickets for all the matches has already begun. As almost all the Brazilians are passionate about football, there will be heavy demand for the tickets among the local people. This means, the tickets of the FIFA World Cup 2014, will be sold much faster than normal. You have to make sure about the matches you want to see and then buy the tickets.

In general, people try to buy the tickets for the matches of their own national team. As none is sure about the participants of the knock-out level matches, the tickets of these matches are grabbed by the people who are passionate about football as a whole. The die-hard fans can skip the semi-final simply because their national team will not be playing. But most of the football lovers take this event to be the celebration of football itself and thus make sure that they are present in the gallery on the important days.

If you want to experience the matches of Brazil, you have to buy the tickets of the group matches-June 12, at Sao Paulo, Vs Croatia; June 17, at Fortaleza, Vs Mexico; June 23, at Brasilia, Vs Cameroon.

The group matches of Netherlands will be as follows: June 13, at Salvador, Vs Spain; June 18, at Porto Alegre, Vs Australia; June 23, at Sao Paulo, Vs Chile.
The group matches of Germany are: June 16, at Salvador, Vs Portugal; June 21, at Fortaleza, Vs Ghana and on June 26, at Recife, Vs USA.

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