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FedBizIntel offers the complete government sales platform providing 360˚ support with opportunity portal, government focused website re branding, social media jump start, capture support and proposal writing services.

​​​​​​FedBizIntel Corporation, a leading provider of federal intelligence to government contracts, announced the availability of its new offering FedBizIntel, your complete government sales platform – extending an all-inclusive package that helps companies to win more federal business.

FedBizIntel is not just an IT solution!  Yes, our 360° sales platform offers a powerful search engine itself.  Not only that, our unique subscription package comes with social media jump start kits, web page re branding, capability statement review, and capture management support automation. There are optional value added services for proposal writing and graphics design support at a discounted pricing

Government contractors and clients are regularly looking for more efficient ways to cut down their time and energy to boost their capability levels in order to meet their federal business requisites. Companies seek innovative ways to improve their steps of searching new federal opportunities.  Hence, a robust-flexible-easily configurable system to meet government compliance is very essential. FedBizIntel enables companies to implement the best practices, set up compliance procedures and ultimately stay ahead of their competition.

Our sales platform is the only company that provides to federal government contractors the comprehensive and complete government sales platform with 360° sales support – Capture Management Automation, Website Re-Branding, Social Media Jump start Kit, Company Capability Statements, Graphics and Design support and Proposal Writers. 

Lastly, there is a cloud application that comes as part of your all-inclusive subscription.  FedBizIntel’s search engine is a cloud solution which requires no hardware or installation of software. It enables vendors to analyze prospective vendors, evaluate pricing parameters, confirm vendor performance and leverage existing contracts and share lessons learned.  Additionally, the system provides the ability to conduct in-depth analysis on procurement trends related to specific goods and services, vendor contract awards and overall government spending.

About FedBizIntel,

FedBizIntel offers the complete 360° sales platform from your company’s marketing promotion to opportunity capture support.   Our search engine also provides extraordinary access to government procurement data history using advance data analytics enabling government contractors to significantly cut down their costs and make more dynamic procurement decisions.  For more information, come and visit us on the web or call us at 571-379-4173.

About FedBizIntel

One stop portal for your government contracting needs. FedBizIntel provides you the detailed information about the past and future opportunities, expiring and coming soon contracts, COTR information from various agencies with in-depth analysis.

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