Young Wheelchair Tennis Athletes and Aspiring Paralympians From Japan, Canada, and the United States Meet in San Diego

JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge is international competition in San Diego with future Paralympians representing Canada, Japan, and US

team japan vs team canada

“JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge” is an international competition held in San Diego. Eleven wheelchair tennis athletes have been invited from Japan, Canada, and the United States, all of whom are aspiring Paralympians.

B-Adaptive Foundation (BAF), a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles, will be hosting the Global Challenge. January 2018 was the inaugural JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge, and this year’s event will be the second of its kind. The Global Challenge is an excellent opportunity for young athletes to compete against rivals from other countries and to learn from other cultures. Additionally, all athletes competing in the Global Challenge are unaccompanied by parents, creating an environment for independence and self-confidence. For athletes with disabilities, there are many challenges associated with leaving home, and overcoming those challenges can help them grow significantly.

The following are the players are invited based on the recommendation by the Japan Wheelchair Tennis Association, US Tennis Association, and Tennis Canada. 

JAPAN: Fumiya Kuboshita, Shogo Takano, Chihiro Yoshikawa, Yuta Zaima

USA: Nathan Hunter, Nathan Melnyk, Henry Reyes, Michelle Wilson

Canada: Tomas Bourassa, Amy DeWolff

We have partnered with the student-run organization, Aztec Adaptive Sports from San Diego State University (SDSU), and the event will take place at the tennis courts on SDSU campus.

Event Details

Title: JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge

Date: January 5 - 6, 2019 (Sat, Sun) starting at 10:30 A.M. both days

Location: Aztec Tennis Center (Within San Diego State University Campus), Plaza Deportes, San Diego, CA 92182

Details: Official Website (

Organizers: B-Adaptive Foundation, Aztec Adaptive Sports

Sponsors: JTB, Inc., Japan Airlines, American Airlines, Hoshino Resorts

Company / Group Introduction

B-Adaptive Foundation

B-Adaptive Foundation was founded in Los Angeles in 2017 with the goal of providing opportunities for middle and high school students with disabilities to travel overseas, and more importantly, to grow as athletes and individuals. The objective is that people with disabilities not be limited in daily activities or larger aspirations and ultimately to help create a more inclusive environment in which no individual is restricted in any capacity.

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About Aztec Adaptive Sports

Aztec Adaptive Sports (AAS), a student-run organization at San Diego State University (SDSU) is working on establishing an adaptive athletics program for SDSU. One of the leaders of the organization, Ahkeel Whitehead competed in the 2016 Rio Paralympics. His objectives through the organization are to create opportunities where disabled athletes can pursue their academic and athletic careers similar to non-disabled athletes.

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B-Adaptive Foundation:

Toshi Hoshino


Phone: (310) 294-9240

Source: B-Adaptive Foundation

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