Young Startup Revolutionizing Accountant-Client Relationships

A new accounting firm in Newark Delaware is improving the dynamic between accountants and their clients.

Encompass Accounting and its founder Ryan Walsh are offering a refreshing take on a traditionally dull and urbane field. As someone who has spent his entire professional career in traditional Delaware accounting firms, Ryan knows the business well, and recognizes the common shortcomings in the client-based relationships. The goal of Ryan and Encompass Accounting is to offer a more personal and comfortable experience in something that many people dread.

Encompass aims to deliver superior accounting solutions to clients leveraging the latest in technological advancements to deliver the most cost-effective solutions possible. The goal of most traditional accounting firms is to bill clients for as many hours as possible, even billing for the number of staples used for the client’s returns. Encompass Accounting is breaking the mold these large firms have established, focusing their attention on adding as much value to the client as possible. “My goal is to exceed the expectations of all my clients”—Ryan Walsh.

"My goal is to exceed the expectations of all my clients."

Ryan Walsh, Founder

Encompass Accounting does not offer basic, rigid accounting packages. Instead, they tailor to each individual client. Whether the client is a single person filing taxes or a small business hiring Encompass Accounting to handle their bookkeeping, each client will find a personal touch to their service to maximize their profits and returns. While Encompass Accounting holds professionalism in the highest regard, and all work is guaranteed to be done with the utmost professionalism, the office environment is such that it does not create the stiff, uncomfortable environment many accounting firms contain. The most important thing in the Encompass office is not a clean pressed suit and designer dress shoes, but I continued commitment to excellent work and complete customer satisfaction.

The goal of Encompass Accounting is to enable business owners of US based companies to make sensible management decisions based on their numbers utilizing the latest technology and to save these businesses as much money as possible by contracting their accounting needs to ensure complete compliance with complex tax laws. Encompass Accounting operates with several core principles; a client-first focus, operational excellence, innovation in accounting solutions, utilizing technology, exceeding client expectations, and an inclusive work environment. These principles tie into the values Ryan and Encompass Accounting hold very closely; that every relationship is significant, to conduct business in a responsible manner, staying involved in the community, and to provide opportunities.