Young General Continues to Learn and Improve; In and Out of the Ring

July marked the return to boxing action for the "Young General" Ian Green. After a busy start to his pro career where he won his first five fights Green took a short break in June to spend some well deserved time with his family. The tough veteran Lekan Byfield was all that stood in the way of Ian's pursuit to move to 6-0 at the Empire Casino and Racetrack in Yonkers, NY on July 29th.

Ian was up to the challenge!  Fighting in the main event for the first time in his career he  utilized his lightening quick hands and feet to combat Byfield's unorthodox style. Byfield had no answer for the Young General's superior skills.  He tried to lure Green into a street brawl and used head butts and rabbit punches to try and slow down the younger fighter.  Ian did not fall into this trap.  He kept his composure and continued to land punches, eventually flooring Byfield with a body blow in the 5th round.  By the end of the fight the judges witnessed what the capacity crowd at the Empire City Casino had and awarded the Young General a unanimous victory which improved his record to 6-0 with 4 KO's.  

With the victory in hand and the crowd long gone Ian was asked, "What's next?"  "College,"  Ian said.  "I'm going back to college."  To most this answer would come as a surprise.  After all, a 21 year old boxing phenom talking about college?  But to his family and the few who know him it comes as no surprise at all.  It's just Ian being Ian.  Ian is very proud to be a student at the Passaic County Community College and he is focused on improving his already impressive 3.0 grade point average.  Ian is quick to point out that scheduling his classes is no easy task.  After all, he must attend classes and complete course work while allowing time for him to continue his training, volunteer work, and his participation with Toastmasters International.  Just Ian being Ian.  A modern day Renaissance Man?  Stay tuned.....

"This was the next step in Ian's development as a complete fighter. He showed great maturity and composure by not letting it turn into a street fight and instead, used his superior boxing skills to walk away with his 6th win in 6 pro fights."

Jason Umlah, General Partner; Kran Sports and Entertainment Management

To learn more about Ian Green visit his web site at and follow him on Twitter @iangreen93.  To contact Ian or to learn more about his management team visit and @KranSports.