Young Breast Cancer Survivor to Launch the "Punk Azz Cancer" Empowerment Brand


​Breast cancer survivor Brianne Joseph is launching the "Punk Azz Cancer" empowerment brand on November 12, 2016 and inviting both survivors and supporters of the advocacy to share the special occasion with everyone. The launch party is expected to gather all of those who survived their fight against cancer as well as those who are still fighting to get back the life that the illness has taken away from them.

Young breast cancer survivors can face challenges that may appear less severe in older survivors- challenges such as dating, sex, body image and careers.  Punk Azz Cancer will address these issues and help empower young women to choose courage and kick azz in their journey to reclaim their power.  The launch party of Punk Azz Cancer is set on Saturday, November 12, 2016. It will be held at the Après Lounge, 608 Fulton St New Orleans, LA from 9pm onwards. Attendees don’t have to worry about the parking fee as everyone can get a $5 discounted parking in the Hilton parking garage and all parking tickets will be given out at the launch party. Everyone who is interested to join the party should wear pink, black and white.

"Breast Cancer took my power. I'm going to teach others how I took it back."

Brianne Joseph, Entrepreneur, Breast Cancer Survivor

As a breast cancer survivor under 40, entrepreneur and speaker, Brianne Joseph found herself struggling with issues that appeared to be less severe in older survivors such as sex, body image, career and pregnancy, just to name a few. Punk Azz Cancer will explore these issues and help women turn their pain into power.

About Brianne Joseph

Brianne Joseph is the owner of Sly Fox Investigations, an all female detective agency, and the founder of the Punk Azz Cancer brand that aims to empower young breast cancer survivors.


For more information about the party and for RSVP, feel free to go to or call 504 457-7627. For those who would like to keep in touch after the event, stay updated by visiting their site at which will go live right after the launch.

Source: Punk Azz Cancer

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