MicFlip - The World's First Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable Raises $230,000

Everybody has a device with micro USB port, whether it be a PS4 controller or Galaxy S7.

MicFlip 2.0 - World's Best Micro USB Cable

Introducing the MicFlip cable, the world's first fully reversible Micro USB cable. Launched on Indiegogo and thanks to 10,000 backers they raised $230,000 and have changed the game. Additionally, twelve months after the campaign was launched, MicFlip has been picked as the world’s best Micro USB cable by Mashable and received their 2016 award.

Ian Kogan, WinnerGear Co-Founder, and his team been working around the clock for over 2 years to turn MicFlip into reality.

Gizmodo.com : "The World's First Reversible Micro-USB Cable Rivals the invention of the wheel..." Mashable.com : "The world's best micro USB cable..."

Ian Kogan, Co-Founder

“One day you think you’re going to revolutionize the way people use their smartphones and the next day you absolutely sure you're going to fail , we tested over 20 prototypes and hundreds of materials and concepts till we achieved the desired outcome and thanks to over 10,000 amazing backers we were able to raise $230,000 and make it happen,“ says Ian Kogan.

And now they introduce the latest development, The New Revolutionary MicFlip 2.0:

  • ​Reversible Micro USB Plug – US Patented
  • Reversible Standard USB Plug – US Patented
  • Strong Nylon Braided Cable
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Rubber Protection to prevent ripped cables
  • Gold Plated Plugs – Corrosion Resistance

Gizmodo says, "The World's First Reversible Micro-USB Cable Rivals the invention of the wheel..." [http://gizmodo.com/the-worlds-first-reversible-micro-usb-cable-rivals-the-1723619516]

Get The New MicFlip 2.0 Now


Ian Kogan
​WinnerGear Co-Founder

Source: WinnerGear

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