You Only Have To Think About Playing Football Because We'll Think Of Everything Else

We are a football agency based in London, UK, dealing with professional footballers across various leagues in England and the world. We support our clients through contract negotiations, media and public relations, finances, lifestyle management and

A professional football player must be able to focus on just playing the game. Knowing the rest of their career from public relations to financial planning and more is being handled by experienced professionals can make this happen.

Many professional football players may not understand everything that goes with handling the media. They may not understand how to promote themselves and get all the benefits of brand recognition. Help with financial planning, contract negotiations, and even lifestyle management can make the difference between a good football career and an impressive one. The Football Agency has a record of making a difference in the careers of professional football players around the world.

The Football Agency was started in 2005 by Chris Evans and Nico Jacquart. Since then their list of satisfied customers has increased and has caused the company to grow and expand. This is done to make certain each of their clients gets all the personal attention they neede to be successful. In addition to the founders, there are six other people in the agency dedicated to meeting the career needs of professional football players.

When many football players become professionals they get more money than they have ever had before in their life. This is the time for them to learn about wise investing and avoid bad financial decisions. A football player's career usually does not last as long as other careers. It's important for them to understand this and make their financial plans accordingly.

In the world of professional sports the player's public image is everything. The Football Agency has all the knowledge and experienced football agent to assist a professional football player in handling the national press. With a professional sports career comes media related activities, which need to be managed. The agency is also able to assist in providing opportunities for different types of sponsorships.

The playing situation on a team can change for a player over time. Should they wish to play for another team that would be better for their career, The Football Agency can approach the desired team and begin the process.

One of the most important aspects of a professional football career is what's contained in the contract they sign. A good contract can determine the relationship between the player and the team's owners. The Football Agency knows how to get a contract that will benefit their client's career both financially and professionally.

In the world of professional football the competition to become a professional is as intense as the game itself. It is important for a player to have all their athletic skills and talent recognized by the right people. The Football Agency can help a player gain recognition and build their individual brand.

The Football Agency has been able to help a wide range of professional football players in leagues around the world. A football agent from this company has the background to understand the challenges that go with having a professional football career. They provide all the football services necessary for their clients to have a long and successful professional football career.

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