'You Are Not Alone'; New Mental Health News Radio Network Podcast The Cope Notes Podcast Shares the Real Stories and Coping Strategies of Everyday People to Empower Listeners

Mental Health News Radio Network sponsor Cope Notes, an innovative text subscription service providing daily text messages designed to support your mental and emotional health, is now available in podcast form.

Cope Notes founder and Prison frontman Johnny Crowder will host The Cope Notes Podcast.

The Cope Notes Podcast features inspirational interviews with a wide variety of guests who surmounted loss, trauma and other mental and emotional health challenges. Each guest shares practical tips for surviving hardship.

The Cope Notes Podcast builds on the positive, inspirational messages of its namesake company, without skipping over the realities of dealing with mental health problems. It is designed to be informal and relate-able. It is directed at people who want off the cuff, intimate conversations about mental health rather than a more clinical approach.

Upcoming guests include a tattoo artist speaking about the pressure of making permanent mistakes, a barber on how self-image can shape self-worth, and a comedian sharing how humor can heal pain.
Of this new aspect to the partnership between Cope Notes and MHNRN, Crowder said, “Everything is so intertwined at this point. Cope Notes is a proud sponsor of the Network, and this is just one of the many ways in which we’re teaming up to bring healing and hope to people all over the world.”

The hopeful and healing power of empathy and shared experience are key parts of The Cope Notes Podcast message.

Episodes air every Monday and are available via Mental Health New Radio Network.

To try Cope Notes for free, text COPE to 33222 or visit www.copenotes.com.

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