Yotta Laboratories and Brandsmiths Cement Partnership With Toronto Wolfpack

A trio of disruptive entities plan to change the world of tech, law, and rugby forever

Yotta Laboratories, the highly disruptive blockchain, and IoT technology start-up have agreed to a long-term partnership with Toronto Wolfpack which will see them feature on the back of the team’s home and away jerseys through until 2021. In parallel, Brandsmiths, the Manchester and London based intellectual property, sports and commercial law firm have signed a deal to continue their partnership with Toronto Wolfpack for another year.

The rugby league team, Toronto Wolfpack, played their inaugural game in 2017 and secured their promotion to the championship in 2018. Their ambition is to play in the super league in 2019. Such a disruptive team requires disruptive partners. Of Brandsmiths, Brian Noble, the Wolfpack’s Director of Rugby, said:

“Brandsmiths has been a big part of our adventure so far. The business of sport is extremely complicated. These guys are the best and we’re big believers that if we surround ourselves with the best people we’ll ultimately perform at our best.”

Martin Vickers, Toronto Wolfpack UK Business Development Manager said:

“We’re looking forward to continuing our fantastic relationship with Yotta Laboratories as we aim to collectively grow our global brands.”

Brandsmiths are working on a range of intellectual property and commercial legal matters for Yotta. That includes a range of work likely to increase the recent initial valuation of the tech start-up from £47.5 million. Gary Spence, CEO of Yotta Laboratories said:

“Our partnerships with the Wolfpack and Brandsmiths are perfect examples of the type of brands we want to work with and the statement of intent for our future. We’re looking to disrupt the world of tech and working with other disruptors is a natural fit for us.”

Source: Yotta Laboratories

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