Yoogli Announces Launch of "The World's Research Library"

Powered by Advanced Search Technology Used With Google and Other Search Engines to Find More Relevant Search Results

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Yoogli today announced the launch of “The World’s Research Library” powered by an advanced search technology that may be used with Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find more relevant search results.

Joe Kerwin, co-founder and CEO said, “If you like Wikipedia you will love Yoogli. Our patented search technology enables users to discover deeper knowledge than is found in Wikipedia. Yoogli is 1,000 times larger than Wikipedia and includes databases from colleges and universities and the Library of Congress.”

Dave Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, commented, “Yoogli is a technologically advanced search technology that matches complex queries with more exacting results. It is a 'research engine' where Google is a 'popularity engine.' Yoogli is able to correctly understand and analyze complete pages of text, documents, and URLs, and deliver more targeted and related results than keyword search. It is able to drill down deeper into a specific result continuously refining the desired result for the user.”

Yoogli is a FREE research tool for high school and college students as well as research professionals.

Contact: Rick Farano at rfarano@yoogli.com

Source: Yoogli, Inc.

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Yoogli is the first "World's Research Library" on the Internet. ​Patented search technology was developed by Yoogli and was sold to Google in 2011. Google has granted Yoogli a full license to develop and market this advanced search technology.

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