YomConnect Expands Into North American Market

Australia's foremost behavioral advertising company, YomConnect, has a different way of advertising. Driving endorsed content views and collecting predictive research for brands right at the point of advertising; YomConnect is a game-changer and they have launched in the United States with an office in Los Angeles.

YomConnect consistently delivers three to six times higher engagement rates than other forms of media. YomConnect's intelligent proprietary software helps brands to better understand and communicate with potential customers while growing and retaining new market share through advanced predictive advertising.

Their YomConnect American media network with access to over 110 million customers, allows a brand to build relationships with deeply engaged audiences who want to buy from them.

"Our methodology is simple — word of mouth is still powerful advertising. That's why we focus on endorsed content views — trusted content endorsing and educating a brand or product directly to their friends or followers who engage with them. We go even further — collecting a research sample at the point of advertising. This allows brands to optimize their future campaigns with any audience. The results? Well, our rates of engagement speaks for itself," said David Scopelliti, Director & Co-Founder.

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Natalie Scopelliti, said, "We consistently deliver higher engagement than other mainstream and digital mediums, and maximize the outcomes for brands by combining research with endorsed content views. The result is more cost-effective predictive advertising, and research data that brands can apply to all their media buys. This is tried, proven and scalable, and that's why we have come to engage with companies and agencies in North America."

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, YomConnect works with such varied clients as the country's major airports, sporting franchises, tourism, financial and retail brands, breweries and entertainment. They specialize in creatively advertising products that bring joy to customers.

"It's not enough to just run an advertising campaign and push your ads out hoping you reach the right target. The digital space is crowded and you only get a few seconds to make an impression," David continued. "This is all just the tip of the iceberg. When a client engages YomConnect we provide a ton of extra value for brand's media buy."

To experience a demo of the software you can click here.

About YomConnect:

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, YomConnect is a powerful new media network with deeply engaged audiences in Australia, the USA and beyond. Their proprietary software allows brands to best leverage your campaigns to drive endorsed views and research at the point of advertising to strengthen remarketing.

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