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Yijin Hardware is one of the leading manufacturers of fasteners in the hardware industry and has been providing professional services to clients including some of the major companies around the world over the field of the last 20 years. The company has also completed various major projects including China's high-speed rail subway project as part of its long-term association with the China Railway Bureau. Therefore, working in the hardware industry over a long period and completing major projects with local and global clients, we have developed high capabilities and processes in this industry, which enable us to produce both customized and standardized products with high quality and precision. 

We have an experienced team of engineers and designers capable of designing and developing moulds as well as carrying out various other ancillary processes for meeting the requirements of the clients regarding hardware products such as fasteners in different industries. Some of the ancillary services that we can perform in the production of fasteners include preliminary mould design, proofing, and electroplating. We employ a standard fastener processing technique also known as cold heading processing to manufacture standardized and customized products and ensuring that high-grade products are produced, which are capable of performing appropriately under different conditions over a longer period. The cold heading is a sophisticated non-cutting metal pressure processing technology that provides high-efficiency and flexibility in the processing of hardware products such as fasteners. It utilizes plastic deformation of the metal for redistributing and transferring the volume of the metal for forming the parts and the blanks that are required. Therefore, it is highly appropriate for the manufacturing of standard or customized fastener products for different industries. 

With high capabilities and an experienced team, we are capable of producing a wide range of fastener products having different specifications and qualities as per the requirements of the clients. In the case of specifications of fasteners, Yijin hardware is capable of producing products having minimum and a maximum diameter of 1.0 mm and 50 mm respectively while the shortest and the longest length of 2.0 mm and 2 m respectively and these products are manufactured with high-precision, which makes them highly appropriate for sophisticated applications. Similarly, different shapes and designs of fasteners can be implemented such as non-standard fasteners, standard fasteners, heterosexual fasteners, sleeves, seat screws, rods, quick release pins, micromachined components, rivets, and so on as per the requirements. Also, we can also produce fasteners using different materials, which reflects that we are capable of providing a wide range of products that can meet the requirements of different industries such as the railway industry, precision electronics industry, watch industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry, and so on. 

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