Yes, the Winter Blahs Are Real! 3 Easy Ways to Stay Cheerful All Season and Be Healthy in 2017

It's all about light… or the lack of it.

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The weather is cold and the days are short. The SunBox Company can help. If you find you're struggling to get work done, feel sluggish, snacking more; then it may be the winter blahs — and those could lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder-SAD.

It's all about light… or the lack of it. When the days get shorter, we experience less sunlight and that can affect our mood. Stress and genetics play a role in depression, but studies have shown that those who notice the short days and feel their energy & mood changing can experience some form of winter depression.

3 ways to stay cheerful and healthy are:

1. Get some light at work or home

Get a SunBox light therapy unit to use for 15 to 30 minutes in the morning. Pull those blinds open, and trim shrubs in front of windows.

2. Put a timer or dawn simulator on your bedside lamp

Studies show that having your bedroom light come on a half hour before you need to get up can jumpstart the body clock to wake up easier. This is great for school kids and those of us adults that need to get up early.

3. Take a walk outside

Walking for 20-30 minutes has proven health benefits. Being outdoors especially in the bright morning can boost your mood and keep those unwanted pounds off.

Those of us who suffer from winter depression actually experience the first signs of it just as autumn sets in. You have more control than you think when it comes to preventing seasonal mood changes. Be proactive, and now is the perfect time to do something. Getting healthy is one of the top resolutions for 2017.

Using a SunBox tricks the user's brain into producing summertime levels of hormones; which regulate sleep, appetite, mood, and energy. Studies published in the Archives of General Psychiatry show that morning exposure to bright light is highly effective in minimizing symptoms of winter blahs and SAD.

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