Yes Insurance Launches 'Yes Assist' Heavy Motor Roadside Recovery - Australia Wide

Drivers of heavy vehicles will now have access to a comprehensive roadside assistance service when they purchase insurance through the Australian-owned Yes Insurance Group.

Yes Insurance - Roadside Assistance 24/7

The new Yes Assist Roadside Recovery program is now available to new and existing clients and will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week everywhere in Australia.

Yes Insurance Group [Managing Director], [Emma Kimonides] said Yes Assist would give some much-deserved extra support to some of Australia’s hardest workers.

Yes Insurance Group Managing Director, Emma Kimonides said Yes Assist would give some much-deserved extra support to some of Australia's hardest workers

Emma Kimonides, Managing Director, CEO

"We've worked with truck and heavy vehicle drivers for many years, so we know how industrious they are, how taxing their job can be and how important staying on the road is for them."

"Yes Assist is about making sure they’re not out of action for long periods of time, for sure, but it's also about giving them some peace of mind. We recognise that sometimes things go wrong and we want drivers to know they're never alone out there."

The program will apply to all manner of potential circumstances that leave drivers in a difficult situation, from road accidents to moments of forgetfulness.

"The program is designed to cover everything from major breakdowns to something as simple as locking your keys in the cabin. We're not going to tell you 'actually, no - sorry – your problem doesn't qualify".

“Of course we’ll treat an accident differently to running out of petrol, but you’ll call the same toll-free number and get the benefit of the same philosophy behind the program, which is 'how can we help you get back up and going as quickly as we can?'."

Complementing Yes Assist is Yes Insurance Group's suite of standard benefits, including a call centre available all day every day, dedicated claims managers, as well as expertise in related areas such as motor fleet insurance, public and products liability, marine cargo insurance and risk management advice. 

Source: Yes Insurance Group

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