Yehuda Belsky Brings His Experience to the Options Trading Table

More and more people are looking into opportunities to trade on various markets in order to help their savings grow and thus secure their personal financial future. This is a trend that first started to appear during the 2008 financial crash, and has only grown since then. It is a very positive development to see individuals take charge of their own finances, but it has also brought a number of serious risks with it, with the result that people could lose money instead of gaining funds for their future. This is where the experience and knowledge of financial experts like Yehuda Belsky can be useful.

There are various forms of trading available, although the majority require complex brokerage accounts and contracts with financial experts. One exception to this is binary options trading. The result is that this kind of options trading has become popular among everyday people. Furthermore, only small investments are needed, which only makes it doubly popular.

It should be noted, however, that binary options are often called "all or nothing" options. This means that, when you buy a binary option, there are only two possible results: (1) you win and sell the option at a substantial profit; or (2) you lose, whereby the option becomes $0 in value. The risks are substantial and some financial experts have even likened binary options trading to gambling on the slot machines in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, many people are still interested in binary options, because of the two benefits described above: they are readily accessible and they are cheap. People, unfortunately, often do not see how much money they have lost because it is usually in small amounts each time.

Meanwhile, Yehuda Belsky has had a lengthy trading career, with professional experience at Innovative Capital and Y Trading. Through his experience, he has developed strategies that can mitigate the risks that come with binary options. Because of his trading experience, he has attained much knowledge about regular options trading and derivatives trading. However, his greatest expertise is on binary options, and he believes he has developed a method to make binary options trading more likely to be successful. At the same time, he wants to warn people that some risks will still remain.

What Belsky has now done is bring all of his experience to the table in order to develop what he calls the "Blended Model" strategy. There are two key strategies that can be used with binary options. The first is the betting model where people essentially get information from the news as a way to predict how the markets are going to move. This has always been a reasonably dependable model, but the world has changed. The world has become much more complex. Thus, it is now much more difficult to make a prediction.

The second method is known as the market behavior strategy. This is generally employed using the stock market exchanges, where people look at historical charts and data to predict what the next move in a stock or option will be. Again, this has been a fairly reliable model of making predictions, but one that needs improvement.

Yehuda Belsky’s idea was to take those two strategies, mix them together, and create the Blended Model. With this model, people can choose a binary option that they are interested in, cross reference it with news items to see what is likely going to happen, and then also cross reference it with historical charts and data in an effort to better predict whether or not the investment will likely result in a gain or a loss.

Belsky believes that the news can certainly provide a lot of information, but that historical influencers should not be denied either. While he does want to emphasize the fact that all investments are risky, taking those two factors into consideration significantly mitigates that risk. It is this type of innovative and forward thinking that has made Belsky successful, both as an independent trainer and trader and during his time at Innovative Capital and Y Trading.

Binary options represent a high-risk form of trading, but Belsky feels that the risks can be reduced enough to enable people to make a profit. After all, when not just everyday individuals, but also experienced investors, brokers, and advertisers are interested in it, then it quickly becomes clear that there must be some benefit to be gained. Nevertheless, he wants would-be traders to be ever-vigilant about the possibility of losing some of their hard-earned money. He urges them to get as much information as they can before starting to trade and to gradually learn from their experiences when they finally get to trade.

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